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The Alan Sanders Show

Dec 21, 2023

Today’s bonus episode is my sit-down conversation with Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) who is currently chairing the subcommittee looking at the work done by the January 6th Committee. His role is really two-fold. First, they want to make sure the J6 Committee did their due diligence and didn’t miss anything. Second, the reason for that is to make sure Congress can put processes in place to make sure it does not happen again.

As I mentioned on the last regular show of the year, investigative journalist, Steve Baker, has had unprecedented access to the Capitol video footage and has done some extraordinary analysis of the timelines some have stated under oath. The problem we are finding is the testimony of some of the officers does not match with any of the video footage or the timelines captured.

Congressman Loudermilk spends a lot of time detailing the investigative work he and his team have undertaken thus far. The further down they travel in the story of what happened the January 6, the more they are finding the J6 Committee did not give us all of the information. On top of that, they seem to have either intentionally destroyed or misplaced a lot of their work to keep anyone from knowing what they learned in their investigation.

What is clear is there were forces in motion that tried to hide their actions and they do not want the full truth to be revealed. We know there were officers in the crowd. We know the footage the J6 Committee showed was creatively edited to create a specific narrative. We know the timelines do not match and we know officers perjured themselves in court. We also know Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) did not preserve all of their work products and is not being honest or forthright with the current subcommittee. It’s as though they wanted to tell their version of the day and then destroyed anything that might prove otherwise.

As we began to wind down the interview, I asked the Congressman what we can expect from their committee in 2024. He assured the audience they have several information dumps coming our way. They are also hard at work in trying to recover or restore so much that went missing from the original J6 Committee. They are also continuing to partner with investigative journalists who can help shed light on the events of that day and the actions that took place afterwards.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Rep. Barry Loudermilk and will consider sharing the episode within your own social media circles. The only way we can combat the forces of darkness is to help shine the disinfecting rays of sunlight on all that has happened in this weaponized Federal government currently ensconced in Washington, D.C.

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