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The Alan Sanders Show

Jun 27, 2022

In today’s episode, I open with yet another massive win for the Constitution and the First Amendment. This is huge in our lifetimes to see Justices who are interested in following the Constitution and the founding of our nation as it was written and intended. They are not legislating from the bench. In fact, what they are doing is the highest form of democracy, which the Left purports to want, by returning these controversial and divisive subjects to the very people to decide. We should not want 9 un-elected people decide on one-size-fits-all solutions for the nation. We should not ask them to pass or change laws. Our Constitution does not allow for that, and we are finally getting back to that place where we should have always been.

In a 6-3 case today, the SCOTUS said a coach was within his Constitutional rights to pray after a football game. Voluntary prayer on public grounds is projected under the First Amendment. It always has been. The radical Left, hating all things to do with religion, interpret the First Amendment to mean an absolute wall must exist between church and state. But that is not how our government was conceived and to believe otherwise come out of willful ignorance or from and abject hatred of our founding documents.

Today’s show deals with not only the past three days of landmark rulings, but also in how the Left really doesn’t believe in a democratic form of government. They SAY they do, but their actions prove otherwise. Rioting is okay if it’s for what they believe in, much like not enforcing laws which could restrict them. They really do want tyranny from the bench, so long as it’s tyranny they want. They do not want to trust issues to be decided by the will of the people. They don’t trust the average American. They want to make the decisions for everyone because they know better than anyone else.

How did we even get here, with the overturning of Roe v Wade? Look no further than 2019 when lawmakers in the New York State Assembly cheered at the passing of their abortion bill, making it legal to kill an unborn child up the very moment of delivery. Add to it the statement made by then Gov. Ralph Northam (D-VA) that even if a child was born, the decision over what to do should be left to the family and their doctor. It’s barbaric and abhorrent and it caused the backlash in other parts of our country where laws were passed to make abortion even more restrictive and rare than before. The Left made this happen because they were not content with 12 or 14 or 20 weeks to decide they can kill a baby in the womb. They wanted the power to murder a baby well past viability, all the way up to and even right after giving birth. If the Left is angry over Roe v Wade overturning, the first pebbles of that avalanche started under the heels of their own oppressive boots.

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