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The Alan Sanders Show

Jul 18, 2021

In this episode, US Congressman Barry Loudermilk joined me to discuss election integrity and the administration's desire to get Facebook to censor posts it does not like. This interview took place on the syndicated Erick Erickson Show, which originally aired during the third hour on July 15, 2021.

There is a move to try to nationalize elections under the guise of state's making it harder to vote. In reality, each legislature saw just how easily a mass mail-in balloting campaign could be fraught with abuse. In addition, many Secretaries of State, board of election supervisors, governors and others changed voting laws on their own because of Covid-19 concerns. Regardless of "good intentions," those changes were against the law and unconstitutional. Only state legislatures can change or pass laws. What states like Georgia, Arizona, Texas and others are trying to do is tighten the rules, making it easier to vote, but much harder to cheat.

We need to also remember, we were told for weeks and weeks following the November 2020 Presidential election that we had the most accurate and secure election in history, with not a single instance of fraud. They are screaming so loudly now against any kind of audit or legislation designed to make voting secure, it makes us wonder just how secure did they really believe it was?

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