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The Alan Sanders Show

Oct 30, 2023

Today opens with me first addressing the death of the mass-shooter from Maine. We still don’t have a lot of detail, so I only cover it briefly from the perspective of how many laws or policies were ignored, but now it’s convenient for the Left to blame the inanimate object.

I then turn our attention to Cornell University. It what seems like being trapped in my own version of “Groundhog Day,” it’s the same story, just a new location. The closed-minded hate and vitriol is coming from the Left. It’s amazing how they want everyone to believe how open and progressive they are, but in reality, they are the prejudiced bigots, full of hatred and rejection of anything different. And, like a microcosm of what is happening with Israel, the Jewish people are told to stand-down or be thought of as genocidal war criminals.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams' new appointee for chair and executive director of the city's Commission on Racial Equity has a distinguished history of spewing anti-Semitic rhetoric. The New York Post reported that Linda Tigani, who earned more than $140,000 in 2022 as acting chief equity and strategy officer for the city's Health Department, has shared a number of posts on X that appear to be anti-Semitic.

Top Biden spokesman, John Kirby, says the rise of antisemitism in the U.S. is "a deep concern.” This is less than a week after White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed, "We have not seen any credible threats,” and then went on to worry about disproportionate attacks on Muslims. Kirby says they are on the lookout for anti-Semitism. Here’s a thought, maybe visit the colleges, universities and bastions of Leftist-run cities where we see thousands gathered in angry mobs decrying death to Israel and the Jews?

Then it’s time for a small history lesson on Islamists and how long they have been trying to eradicate people who don’t follow their religion. Our own country had to deal with the Barbary pirates not once, but twice. Christopher Hichens reminded the world after 9/11 that Islamists have been at this for hundreds of years and American “democracy” did not create it. To reinforce this, I once again play the voices of Palestinian kids talking about how they are raised/schooled to want to kill Jews.

This leads to the UN’s inability to get that wretched body to denounce the October 7 terrorist attack by Hamas. It’s clear we need to be rid of the UN here in the United States. We need to remove ourselves, eliminate all funding and kick them out of New York City. While the US should lead on that, it turns out the Czech Republic has already beaten us to that punch.

I then remind the audience that the Biden Crime Family Syndicate has been helped by the FBI and the DOJ. A new piece by Miranda Devine reminds us not to lose sight of that with everything else happening in the world. House Speaker Mike Johnson also vowed to keep the impeach inquiry moving forward.

A NYU professor wants grace and forgiveness for how they behaved during COVID. I say NO. Just like how the students on campus wanted to be given a get-out-of-jail-free card, now these vaccine tyrants want the same thing. Do not give it to them and never let them forget where the stood.

Mike Pence has dropped from the race, saying it wasn’t his time. As I said on X, Maybe he should have been more loyal to the policies that were winning? Maybe he could have been loyal to the direction his former boss was taking this nation? Maybe he could have had a little more backbone when it came to our Constitutional Republic?

After allowing men pretending to be women to compete in the NAGA grappling event, several real women dropped out. It has forced the NAGA to revise their categories for competition. Now, real women will only face other real women. What an astonishing thought!

And we end on Speaker Johnson talking about his 7 principles. Initially he says those principle define the conservative movement, but then says, they actually reflect America as it was conceived, leading to American exceptionalism. Now, those principles are all under attack by the Left.

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