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The Alan Sanders Show

Jan 31, 2023

Today I open with an example of why American Civics needs to be taught to a much better degree than it has over the last couple of decades. Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD) tweeted his belief that there is a Constitutional requirement to raise the debt ceiling. Let me cut to the chase, there is no such requirement. And, for fun, I responded to Representative Raskin to please share the exact section of the Constitution mandating an automatic raising of the debt ceiling. To my delight, a liberal sycophant tried to be cute and snarky by adding a link to the 14th Amendment saying, "Here, I Googled it for you."

So, ladies and gentlemen, before diving into the primary subject today, I needed to give an old fashioned School House Rockin' to the uneducated simpletons. Enjoy both a nostalgic look back to the days of Saturday morning cartoons and how we learned how bills become laws and the difference between the two. It's sad to see how few seem to really understand the basics of our government, yet feel empowered to pontificate their ignorance to others.

And, I am okay with that! I think freedom of speech includes the freedom to look like a stellar moron in front of your peers (and your betters). How else can I demonstrate just how unqualified Rep. Jamie Raskin is to be in Congress if he were kept from illustrating this fact on a near daily basis?

Which brings me to my main topic. A few days ago, thanks to the undercover journalism revealing the schemes of Pfizer, I started thinking about one particular phrase – the revolving door. The Pfizer executive commented how the defense industry has had a revolving door with their friends in the public sector and so, too, does Big Pharma. My that what's happening today with Big Tech? According to a line of research, it seems the Federal government has been grooming this kind of environment since at least 2016. People in the public sector work hand-in-hand with these private tech firms and then go to work for them after leaving public office or position. Perhaps we should seriously consider a law, putting a 10 year moratorium in place for any public sector employee moving into a related private sector position?

As we close out, I hit two more subjects. First, Joe Biden believes the Catholic church in the United States wants taxpayer funds to pay for abortions. This is of course the exact opposite of what is being reported by the Catholic News Agency. Biden's truth always seems to be the opposite of what he says aloud. Second, a liberal wanna-be influencer accidentally beclowned herself by posting a video walking toward her camera person, saying how empowering it is for a liberal woman to walk in a red state with conservatives staring. This must be news for her, but, yes, red states are generally cleaner, safer and nicer and anyone, liberal or not, can walk care free anytime they want. Maybe the blue states can learn something from her after all!

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