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The Alan Sanders Show

Jun 16, 2021

In this excerpt from my Saturday show, "Waking Up with Alan," I spend time discussing how the censoring of speech led to a campaign of disinformation from the top of public health and elected leadership. There is a growing body of evidence showing how public officials put pressure on private companies like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to pull content they didn't like. That is a direct violation of the 1st Amendment. 

What's worse, some of the information that had been squashed, is now being validated as not only truthful, but could have save thousands of lives! It is stunning to learn that existing treatments or the repurposing of existing medications and therapeutics was canceled by people simple because they hated President Donald J. Trump. They intentionally went the exact opposite way in an effort to mock the president and cause him political harm. But, in the process, how many thousands of severely sick people were never even given the chance of HCQ/Zinc or Ivermectin? What will be the fallout in terms of human lives lost over political gamesmanship? What censorship is still taking place? Even Senator Ron Johnson had a video removed and his account banned for 7 days for posting a public hearing asking these very questions.

Regardless of political affiliation or leanings, the idea that we allowed known therapeutics to be cast aside, mocked and derided, solely for political expediency should shock everyone to their core. As we move through the remainder of 2021, we need to all take a deep cleansing breath and really think hard on whether or not we like the idea of government telling private entities what should or should not be allowed to be heard. When we look at how much they have censored and lied in just the last year and a half, we have to wonder, what more have they been lying about and why do we allow it to continue? 

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