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The Alan Sanders Show

Mar 28, 2022

In today’s episode, I point to the fact President Joe Biden has been in constant walk-back mode. In all actuality, his continued foreign policy gaffes now requires a dedicated team to deal with the clean up on aisle 6. And this is after the White House realized they could not trust VP Kamala Harris any longer. We really have Dumb and Dumber at the top of the ticket.

The first gaffe actually happened in the middle of last week. A follow-up question about use of chemical weapons by Russia was met by a response that America would respond “in-kind.” Did President Biden literally advocate the use of chemical weapons as a response if Russia used them first? Needless to say, the White House had to correct that and walk it back.

The next gaffe happened with member of the 82nd Airborne in Poland. During his off-the cuff speech to the troops, he made it sound as though they (the troops) would soon see women and young people in the streets (of Ukraine) confronting tanks. It sure sounded like the President just committed troops on the ground. So, the White House had to once again walk-back that comment.

Finally, the president of the United States added a comment that Vladimir Putin cannot remain in power. This was the worst of the gaffes on a number of levels. The call for regime change was an unforced error that strengthens Putin and weakens the West. Had there been a move by the Russian people to rise-up and demand Putin step down, they are now likely not going to stand up for fear of looking they are taking direction from the United States. Putin know this as well and will use it to his advantage, putting out the continued propaganda narrative that the West has always been about interfering with other governments.

This leads to the continued problem of the Hunter Biden laptop and the national security implications for our President. With the latest revelations Hunter Biden helped secure millions in funding of bio-labs in Ukraine, it now adds even more weight to the claims of Russians that bio-weapons were being developed on their doorstep. The ongoing issues on the laptop revealed in October of 2020 that Joe Biden and his family were not only a financial crime syndicate, but also are horribly open to blackmail by other bad actors on the world stage.

In fact, a recent poll by Rasmussen show 66% of Americans believe the laptop story is serious and needs to be investigated. A similar percentage believe Joe Biden is compromised. The reality is – he is!

Voting during the primary season and this mid-term is going to be crucial if we really want Congress to investigate some of the biggest scandals in our nation’s history. If Constitutionalists are not in the majority, the Democrats, along with their willing members of the legacy media and Big Tech will continue to sweep these crimes under the rug. We cannot allow that to happen.

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