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The Alan Sanders Show

Feb 23, 2023

Today's show opens with a little more discussion over Emily Kohrs and how she is not a representation of someone who would be a jury of my "peers." First, she has no fundamental understanding of how our judicial system operates, nor her role in being part of a Grand Jury. She believes she is the arbiter of what happened and whatever she says, goes. But, it's worse than that. Her narcissism, as quoted in a piece by the Atlanta Journal Constitution proves she believes she is the most important person in the nation. Add to it, she is a practicing witch, shares spells, incantations and others associated elements on her Pinterest page. Whatever else she is, she is NOT a peer of mine.

In the meantime, an expert witness who has been called to testify in numerous cases of contamination and ecological disasters was asked about the "controlled burn" officials did of the chemicals leaking out of the derailed cars. He educates us all on the difference between a controlled burn and an uncontrolled, and what happened in East Palestine was uncontrolled. Plus, he adds, if you smell something in the air, you've already been exposed.

Next, Pete is still draggin', even after he finally was forced to visit East Palestine. He refuses to talk to the new media or independent members of the press. His Press Secretary refused to be on camera or recorded before she would even consider answering questions. Remember when Alfred E. Newman said there are people who go to work and people who use tragedies for photo-ops. Well, ol' Mayor Pete made sure to put on an orange reflective vest, white hard hat and clear goggles to make sure it looks like he's doing the work of the people.

This leads to information dropped by Governor Kristi Noem (R-SD) related to the Chinese surveillance balloon. Even though states have a level of autonomy per our US Constitution, she found out the Pentagon and the White House had reached out and been in contact with the National Guard in her state without even notifying her. This is a terrible overreach of the Federal government. It goes to show they no longer recognize the U.S. Constitution and are well on their way to implementing an Authoritarian regime. They are not even trying to hide it anymore.

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