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The Alan Sanders Show

Aug 31, 2022

Today’s show opens with a lesson on classified documents. The media, members of the DOJ/FBI and the Left are all painting a terrible picture of how they found “classified” documents at Mar-a-Lago. That is not the proper way to reflect what has occurred. In fact, it is intentionally misleading.

When a document is created, it does get a classification status. That is its designation at that moment in time. It will get a cover page and then all subsequent pages will be equally marked when printed. The pictures leaked to the media of folders scattered across the floor are as fake as the reporting surrounding them.

Let’s deal with reality and give you the full story as opposed to the heavily redacted one they keep trying to sell to the American people. If the President decides to declassify a document, usually, there is a memo or an order that is placed in the file designating the new classification. Does that mean someone inside the government has to find the original file, open it, edit out the classification markings, save the new file and reprint it? I suppose they could. But, isn’t is easier to just add a single piece of paper to the file indicating the effective date of the new classification?

In other words, just because something is initially marked with its classification when created, does not reflect it’s current designation. We know the president, per the Constitution, can declassify anything. We also know the Presidential Records Act of 1978 presumes all presidents will need access to their materials for their personal libraries, legacies, memories (whatever!) and that includes classified material. Those two mechanisms are why showing me pictures of initial classification means absolutely nothing, The Left and the Legacy media are building a case for “espionage” on a foundation as thin of substance as the air and more inconstant than the wind. But they hope you won’t know that or think to ask.

We know, thanks to now almost 20 whistle blowers, the FBI has become deeply politicized, filled with an unholy cabal of actors willing to do “whatever it takes” to fight the opposition party. Perhaps that is why Merrick Garland put out a memo yesterday (August 30) telling all DOJ employees not to speak with members of Congress. They are afraid of being exposed from within.

I then spend a few minutes highlighting parts of President Biden’s town hall yesterday. It was full of actors, too, all staged to look like real supporters. Based on the number of gaffs, goofs, lies and uncomfortable stories, how could they be anything else? The eye-rolling along should be been seen throughout his addled delivery. What we all need to remember is Joe Biden is not a very nice person. In fact, he is a proven liar, plagiarist and cheat who used those closest to him to peddle influence and funnel money into the Biden Crime Family. He is the one stoking the divide and fueling the talk of violence. Then again, isn’t that what the Left is known for? 

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