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The Alan Sanders Show

Feb 20, 2023

I open today with what I believe is the single most important news item of the day, one where I doubt the Legacy/mainstream media will utter much about it. Now, with everything that has taken place over the weekend through today you might think, well, that could any of a number of stories. And, you would be correct.

To open, we turn back to last week, when President Biden is committing billions more of tax payer dollars to fund Ukrainian pensions so people can have money in their pockets. I'm not making that up, folks. Our own Social Security and Medicare systems are insolvent in their current forms, and our Commander-in-Chief wants to make sure we give Ukrainians money in their pocket.

Biden spokesperson, John Kirby, appeared on Fox News Sunday and said he doesn't know when the funding will stop. He just wants us to keep funding Ukraine for as long as it takes.

Now, China and Germany are joining in with Russia in demanding an investigation into Biden's connections with the Nord Stream 2 pipeline sabotage. When an ally and member of the EU is siding with Russia and China in seeing if our President committed a high-crime, that's newsworthy. An act of war committed without consultation and approval of Congress is the very definition of an impeachable offense! But, that is not the top story of the day.

A computer programmer is testifying before the Arizona Senate Election Committee about voting machine manipulation and how easy it is, that is also worthy of some coverage, but you probably haven't heard. This democrat programmer used to work for NASA, the DoD and other defense agencies testified before Congress as far back as 2007 about the dangers of trusting computer code driven voting machines.

Axios is reporting that Speaker Kevin McCarthy has turned over 41,000 of Capitol footage to Tucker Carlson so his team can begin reviewing what the J6 Committee wanted sealed for decades. Some are complaining that the footage needs to be released publicly to the world, but, for now, I'm content to see what happens next. To go along with that, court documents and video have also been released showing plainclothes officers pushing the crowd forward and climbing a barricade on January 6. But, that is not the big news story of the day!

The single biggest story of the day is the Biden Administration is preparing to sign up the United States to a "legally binding" accord with the World Health Organization (WHO) that would give this Geneva-based UN subsidiary the authority to dictate America's policies during a pandemic. You read that correctly. The elected leader of our country is preparing to abdicate his role and turn over our nation's sovereignty to a foreign entity. In my estimation, there is yet another impeachable offense if this goes through. As a call to action, we must all reach out to our elected representatives and find out how to put a stop to this.

Finally, we get another healthy heaping of word salad to digest. Yes, we close with another episode of Deep Thoughts with VP Kamala Harris. The fact that Biden should be impeached is no longer in doubt. But, we must also understand, if removed, Harris gets to finish out his term. We want to laugh, but we also want to cry.

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