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The Alan Sanders Show

Dec 19, 2022

Today's show is dedicated to The Twitter Files part 6, which dropped late Friday night and had a supplemental drop on Sunday night. The entire episode is about how the FBI treated Twitter like a wholly owned subsidiary, there to do the Bureau's bidding.

In a series of tweets, Matt Taibbi shows the cozy relationship that blossomed between Twitter and the FBI. As the relationship grew, so did the volume of interactions, both through email and proprietary portals or platforms. What's clear is the FBI continued to act as though this were part of their mission to cut down on foreign interference in our election. However, when looking at the accounts or tweet flagged, they were all domestic, which is in direct opposition to the First Amendment.

Through the course of the episode it is clear, Twitter had concerns about taking direction from the FBI. In a move that borders on intimidation, the agency suddenly issued a questionnaire to Twitter, stating their concerns that Twitter didn't see nearly as much propaganda as they did. The FBI also referenced concerns coming from the whole of the United States Intelligence Community.

In essence, Twitter was strong-armed (to a degree) to take orders from the FBI and deal with the accounts as flagged. The relationship grew forward from there to where Twitter really was considered a subsidiary of the FBI, expected to heel and take orders like a good doggy.

The fact the Legacy/mainstream media seems disinterested in what should be one of the biggest stories of our lifetime is all you need to know to realize how pervasive the corruption. The Legacy/mainstream media cannot risk reporting on this lest their own collusion with the Executive Branch to censor and propagandize Americans is revealed. What matters now is whether or not anything will be done. It's up to us to contact our representatives and see that everyone who pushed the wanton infringement of our First Amendment is removed from government permanently.

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