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The Alan Sanders Show

Mar 8, 2023

After yesterday’s breakdown of the new footage Tucker Carlson released, I believe there are many people who may have gotten the wrong impression. No one is suggesting the videos of the destruction and turmoil were faked. No one is suggesting there were no law-breakers rioting on January 6, 2021. Carlson even opened his show saying how we are all familiar with the looped footage we’ve seen everyone showing criminal behavior.

However, what I was trying to do yesterday was show the audience there is a lot of additional information and footage that widens our understanding of the events of that day. Showing us peaceful gatherings and folks being respectful inside the Capitol doesn’t make the other videos magically disappear. Instead, we are learning how the J6 Committee chose to edit and cherry-pick the videos they wanted you to see. So, Tucker Carlson used the same playbook to show you the videos they didn’t want you to see. What’s the problem with that? Why is that a problem? Don’t we all want to know the whole story?

It seems Democrats, the Legacy/mainstream media and those establishment members on the right don’t want you to know. They want to keep spinning the narrative the way they see it and the rest of the facts can be discarded. What is even more disturbing is how they are now openly advocating to abolish the First Amendment by calling for Tucker to be silenced. Some are even calling for Fox News to be taken off the airwaves. Imagine, senior Democrat leader, Chuck Schumer, doesn’t want you to have the whole picture and would rather see a journalist censored and ruined. Why isn’t that the story we are all hearing?

Mitch McConnell is no better. He is the opposite side of the same establishment coin. His dislike of the former president is what guides him. You would think he would be happy for the American people to know the whole story, but he doesn’t. Why?

Let’s look at the question through the lens of The Twitter Files. Let’s look at two esteemed doctors and researchers, Martin Kulldorff and Jay Bhattacharya, who called out all of the lies and manipulations of Dr. Fauci back in November of 2021. Let’s look at how the Federal Trade Commission is now demanding all communication within Twitter about the layoffs, getting the names of all journalists who were given access to information and the discussion over Twitter Blue. What do they all share? They gave the American people the truth and revealed how our government has grown immensely comfortable with locking down freedom of speech, while becoming the leading producer of mis-, dis- and mal-information. The government cannot let this stand is going to wage war on all who would expose their corruption and their lies.

In closing, we give another example of this thanks to a sound bite from White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. Her stupidity and ignorance continues to astound even me. She literally said Joe Biden’s policies have brought Fentanyl trafficking down to historic lows. It’s a fantasy so devoid of reality one has to wonder how they can even function in the real world.

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