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The Alan Sanders Show

Aug 5, 2021

In this episode, I get the chance to chat with Dr. Tim Ryan about variants, vaccines and natural immunity. We also touch on the dangers of the government trying to censor free speech by pressuring social media outlets to lock down information they don't like. Both Dr. Ryan and I are all in favor of those who are at-risk getting their vaccinations. What we have a real hard time understanding is why natural recovery and immunity is constantly ignored. Studies and data consistently show natual recovery is the strongest protection against reinfection, including against variants. A vaccine is the next best way, but it is not a guarantee against catching Covid-19 again. The goal is to reduce the severity of the symptoms, thereby avoiding hospitalization or worse. 

The conversation leads to wondering if the term, "vaccine," is the best term? It seems as though a drug or treatment that helps to reduce the severity of the virus is more of a therapeutic rather than a true vaccine. We wrap with a discussion over the mental health issues already plaguing the youngest members of our population who literally have the least to fear from Covid-19. Unfortunately, the effects of depression, anxiety and fear will negatively impact one to two generations for years to come.