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The Alan Sanders Show

Mar 29, 2023

Today’s show is somewhat of a continuation from yesterday. We start with a sound bite from the Meat Puppet-in-Chief who thought doing a few minutes of stand-up comedy before addressing the school shooting was appropriate. I wanted to play it yesterday, but it really didn’t match with the tenor of the rest of the show. It’s so bad even Rita Panahi with Sky News in Australia mocked him saying, “He needs the autocue, he needs the cards, he needs so much direction.”

We then jump to a soundbite from Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks program advocating, for the first time, that the only group who should own guns are the Trans group. He completely misrepresents legislation and lies about violence being perpetrated on them in order to justify telling them to be ready to kill anyone who comes at them.

As to passing new laws or more anti-gun laws, once again we are arguing nonsense. The parents of the shooter just admitted they knew their daughter was under the care of a psychiatrist for some severe mental issues and were fine with her buying a gun. How about those “red flag” laws, huh? You cannot pass laws to tell people not to act on their mental illness. It just won’t work.

No one is passing or implementing “anti-trans” laws. Rather, these laws are about stopping the genital mutilation of minors. We have a civic duty to protect the physical and emotional well-being of children until they become fully mature adults. It’s the height of lunacy to advocate this kind of medical butchering and interference in the cycle of normal development.

We also discuss how the Legacy/mainstream media does all it can to help provide cover for the groups they want to hold in high esteem. And, for the supposed open-minded and sensitive Leftists out there, some of the social media posts about the shooting have been awful. We even had the press secretary to Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs, a woman by the name of Josselyn Berry, put out a tweet saying, “Us when we see transphobes.” It was attached to an animated GIF of a woman with guns in each hand getting ready to blow away everyone in the room. This was less than 12 hours after the shooting.

How’s this for being more about violence than understanding? A radical, activist group, aligned with Antifa, is planning a Trans Day of Vengeance from March 31 through April 2 in Washington, D.C. If Donald Trump is responsible for inciting a riot by asking people to peacefully march to the Capitol, what should we say about a call for a day of “vengeance”? The very name is so bad, Twitter’s algorithms are flagging stories with those words and suspending people for spreading violence. Even Congresspeople are having their accounts suspending for simply sharing the post.

We have reached a point where we have to stop letting the inmates run the asylum. The mentally unwell, unhinged and unbalanced should not be in a position to dictate anything to the rest of us. We need to be looking at our public schools and taking a stand, right now, to make sure they are doing what’s best for teaching our children, rather than grooming and indoctrinating them.

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