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The Alan Sanders Show

Jun 27, 2023

Today’s show first looks at the farce that was the supposed Russian coup. Isn’t it amazing how so many supposed “experts” were touting it as the fall of Putin and a win for both Ukraine and US foreign policy. Let’s not forget the timing of the news cycle and the way the media continues to push any other news story other than the IRS whistleblower bombshells dropped last week by the House Ways and Means Committee.

Former and disgraced GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger from the J6 Reality TV Show, literally said Putin was doomed and then added that it is also a loss for people like Tucker Carlson. Tucker Carlson? Why in the world would he be worried about making Tucker look badly? Seems Kinzinger is allowing Tucker to live rent-free in his own head. Unfortunately for him and most of the other experts, the coup lasted 12 hours and ended with no charges and the head of the Wagner Group getting a full-fledged retirement party. Plus, Putin likely now has total control of the largest and most well-financed military mercenary groups on the face of the planet.

Kash Patel was most recently hired in February 2019 as a staffer for President Trump's National Security Council (NSC), working in the International Organizations and Alliances directorate and in July 2019 became Senior Director of the Counterterrorism Directorate. He has long history in the intelligence community and a liaison with the Department of Defense. He sees the events of the Wagner Group as not only a win for Putin but a bad, bad loss for Ukraine.

Next, I continue looking at the testimony given by the IRS whistleblowers versus what has been said by both U.S. Attorney from Delaware David Weiss and U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland. We are definitely in a place where either Weiss lied to his top investigators or Weiss and Garland conspired to deceive Congress. The investigation needs to play itself out, but it seems we have moved from the cover-up of the crimes of the Biden Crime Family to now the cover-up of the cover-up. Regardless, we need to get answers as to who is lying and what will be the consequences.

In conclusion, I discuss a recent piece published in American Greatness by Roger Kimball entitled, “A catastrophic implosion...of the rule of law.” We are definitely at a place in our nation where THE rule of law has changed to OUR rule of law. It goes along with my observation that we have moved well into a full oligarchy, where a handful of elites get to rule the rest of us. It’s a reminder of how important the 2024 election cycle is going to be in finding patriots who will employ and follow the Constitution in an effort to restrict and restrain this weaponized Executive Branch of our federal government.

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