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The Alan Sanders Show

Jun 9, 2022

In today’s episode, I open with an advertisement for the next Greatest Show on Earth, the Circus that is the January 6th Committee Hearings coming to you in prime time, baby! It’s going to be the show where you have to leave your brain in the other room and get ready to swallow whatever it is they are going to shovel.

Following the spectacular PSA for tonight’s entertainment, Representative Elise Stefanik (R-NY), describes tonight’s events as the very circus it is intended to be. She points out House Democrats are not holding prime time hearings on the baby formula shortage, skyrocketing fuel prices, the rate of inflation, surging violent crime or the border crisis. Instead, they seem to be obsessed with going along with Lame Duck Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s witch-hunt.

Since we are on the subject of clowns, President Joe Biden beclowned himself last night by appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. While Kimmel opened by pretending he was going to ask “tough” questions, the fawning fan-boy did everything he could to try to keep the garbage fire from spreading. He took breaks, interrupted nonsensical ramblings and allowed total fabrications to go floating by. It was embarrassing and appalling.

Democrats know they have a massive problem. They can try to “recast” the midterms to be about Roe v. Wade, gun control or the January 6 clown show, but when it comes to voting, most Americans vote their pocketbook. A brand new poll by left-of-center Quinnipiac University finds a massive shift from the Hispanic voters in our country. Since the 2018 midterms, that voting block has gone from 69% backing Democrats for the House of Representatives, to now just 38%. And the Real Clear Politics poll tracking favorability is the lowest it has ever been for Biden and the gap between approve and disapprove has never been wider. The RCP poll has the president with a 39.7% approval rating, down from 55% when he took office.

Janet Yellen also adds to the clown show by first admitting she bungled her prediction about the rise of inflation and then testifying in the senate that we can get out of this by embracing more windmills and solar panels. She literally puts the blame on Russia and the future is to embrace green energy.

So, I have to close with some inconvenient numbers and facts about what it will take to become 100% green. Beyond the sheer amount of metals (some toxic) that would need to be mined, the amount of land we would need to dedicate is equivalent to five South Dakotas! Imagine having to cut down, grade and pave over an amount of land equal to the area of South Dakota times five.

This current strategy makes no sense, will only continue to hurt Americans and ruin our economy for a pipe dream. If they were serious, they would be demanding nuclear power plants, but for some reason, though a zero emission solution, never seems to be on the table.

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