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The Alan Sanders Show

Apr 25, 2022

In today’s episode, I open with little Brian Stelter doing his part to give cover to fellow propagandist, Taylor Lorenz. While laughing and smirking in the most condescending way, Lorenz first lies about not doxxing the owner of the Libs of Tik Tok account. Then, moments later, she admits revealing the person behind it because she feared it was being run by a foreign actor. The irony of that statement, beyond contradicting herself, is she used a German asset to help doxx the owner of Libs of Tik Tok. What have so many of us said? When they accuse the other side of things, they are basically admitting what they themselves are doing.

What Brian Stelter is doing, as he always does, is create a somewhat believable narrative. In this case, he wants his audience to believe Libs of Tik Tok is stoking hatred of the LGBTQ community. He wails over the lost progress made in accepting people in our society. Well, I don’t know what Twitter account he has visited, but it wasn’t Libs of Tik Tok. There is no hate there. There is nothing about “not accepting” gays and lesbians in our society.

Instead, what the site is doing is shedding light on the sexual indoctrination taking place. It’s showing us they are willing to start in pre-K and get worse and worse as they student progresses through school. It shows us the contempt these teachers have for laws, for morals, for what is age appropriate and, even worse, for the parents. This is not acceptable and that is what is being shown using their own words against them.

I follow that discussion with that latest podcast episode from the New York Times called, “The Daily.” In part 1 of a two part show, a lesbian mother and her transgender daughter affirm that gender dissenters have been right all along. The mental health issues affecting a young person are not magically solved through radical gender reassignment surgery. In fact, not only is the underlying issue still there, it is now compounded with the knowledge or irreversible consequences, including infertility and the loss of pleasure from intimacy along with many others.

What remains my constant message is for parents to realize this has not just started happening in the last few years. We only became aware of it due to remote classrooms as a result of the pandemic. Our children has been subjected to the mental illness of others who feel they can override the parent and radicalize the child into their own worldview. They are no longer interested in teaching children “how” to think, but rather “what” to think. The only way we get past this is to be involved and demand those individuals to be removed from the classroom. If the film industry understands why there are ratings for films, teachers should as well.

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