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The Alan Sanders Show

Mar 13, 2023

Before the main topics, I do open with a wish for us to remain on Daylight Saving Time. I hate changing the clock twice a year. The Sunshine Bill has been passed in several states, but it has to be voted on at the Federal level and, thus far, that hasn't happened.

The first topic today relates to the run on Silicon Valley Bank from late last week. It's important to understand why that bank failed and the problems we are going to see escalating in the financial sector. This ridiculous focus on DEI is at the root of so many bad decisions. Add to it the failing economy, combined with over-valued, hyper-inflated initial public offerings (IPO) from the last few years and then print trillions of dollars, and of course we are ripe for a financial collapse! Highly respected US Economist Stephanie Pomboy stated, "We've got some major consequences coming at us, and I think it's going to devolve very rapidly because of all the leverage that's been built up here." In the meantime, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen looks as incompetent about this as the bank's leadership itself.

Financial journalist Charles Payne weighed in on the problems with SVB, also complaining about over-valued stocks and IPO's. He said a bailout of the bank is once again bailing out the elite, while the average person is getting squeezed. So much for Biden's so-called philosophy of "from the bottom up and the middle out."

The second story we dive into broke last week. According to a story from the New York Times, US Intelligence officials are now saying the Nord Stream pipelines were sabotage by a pro-Ukrainian group. They can't say who or name anyone, but that's their working theory. Unfortunately, with the Censorship-Industrial Complex firmly in place, I don't buy the narrative at all. And, neither does former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard. She weighed in on the absurdity of the deflection and the real world consequences for the United States. Plus, if Biden did sanction the attack, did he not just commit an act of war without the consultation of Congress? We know what the Legacy/media will say, but Republicans are going to have to follow-through on their role to provide oversight and bring the truth to light.

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