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The Alan Sanders Show

Mar 4, 2022

In this episode, I examine recent events through the prism of an election cycle. After all, it should not be a shock to see all of the changes taking place in the last couple of months, knowing this is a mid-term year. Politicians need “wins” to keep their numbers. If the numbers are bad, they need distractions.

But, first, I open with a comment on the peer-reviewed scientific study I talked about on yesterday’s show. The Swedish study shows Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine becomes DNA in human liver cells. I said this was one of the biggest stories not being reported. Well, don’t expect to see it anytime soon. Twitter has been the first platform to start suspending people/accounts who shared that news item. To them, they called it “dangerous misinformation about Covid-19.” How is a peer-reviewed research paper, publish from an esteemed research university (which have been quoted numerous times by the WHO and NIH) and published in a well respected medical journal “dangerous misinformation”? There’s an axiom that’s been around for a while to explain this – always accuse the other side for the very things you are doing yourself.

I’ve said before, the government continues to get around the First Amendment by using it’s proxies in Big Tech to do their bidding. The CDC, which falls under the Executive Branch, said mRNA cannot turn into DNA and that is the narrative they need to protect, regardless of the facts.

While the Left is busy censoring or re-writing history, I play a montage of Democrat leaders over the last 14 months who made it very clear, they want to defund, dismantle and disband the concept of the police. I don’t care what Joe Biden said in the SOTU, these folks didn’t suddenly change their tune overnight. The only change is we are in the ramp-up of a massive election year. And they are in full overdrive, playing politics in this election cycle.

Another political game being played at the moment relates to the energy crisis. It’s obvious we have an administration and a party who believes in magical thinking and fairy dust. While half try to convince us it’s okay to let Russia continue to export energy, other half are saying we ought to buy from Iran instead. Are you kidding me? So, instead of sending millions of dollars a day to a communist nation, we’d rather fund the world’s leading exporter of terrorism?? I wish I was making this up, but I’m not. And to top it off, Biden’s own energy secretary, Jennifer Granholm admitted the real goal of the radical, environmentalist movement – to get off of oil and gas altogether.

It’s a known fact the Soviet Union funded radical environmentalist and fringe groups all across the Western world as a means of sowing seeds of discord in all of their enemies. They haven’t changed their strategy. Why would they? We know the vast majority of communists ran to the “green” movement after the collapse of the Soviet Union. It’s where the turn Watermelons came into being. These are folks who are green on the outside by red on the inside. This is exactly what’s been happening over the last few decades and we are seeing just how much damage Russia has been able to inflict without lifting a finger.

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