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The Alan Sanders Show

Mar 17, 2023

Today we open first with a discussion of how we now know there were a few financial institutions who were interested in either helping or buying Silicon Valley Bank, but the radical, Leftist ideologues at the FDIC and in the Biden regime would not let that happen. They had a whitelist of "approved" banks, but none of them either wanted to or could come in to help. Thus, we the taxpayers are bailing out bad decision-making. And, according to Kevin Hassett, Former Chair for the Council of Economic Advisers, this is only going to incentivize risky investments, knowing the government will come in to save the day.

This is heading us down a path of nationalizing our banks, leading to a Central Bank Digital Currency (CDBC) plan for all. Imagine how a subset of our nation refused to be forced to go along with a vaccine mandate? Imagine telling that same subset their money was going away and they would become part of a surveillance state?

This leads to my main topic of a new Twitter Files breakdown, this one entitled The Virality Project. The VP is an evolution of Stanford University's Election Integrity Partnership is far worse and more insidious than we even knew. Rather than using truth as a measuring stick for whether a social media post was disinformation, the VP decided on a new methodology. Their new algorithm decided whether or not you were spreading disinformation by whether or not it supported the state approved narrative.

There is a lot to cover, but the net of it is, they rules became more and more Orwellian the longer it has been in place. They do not believe American citizens can handle the truth and have gone so far as to embrace the concepts being the cyberpunk story, Minority Report, where people were being targetted people for pre-crimes. They labeled some users as "almost always reportable" and so their posts were already guilty of spreading disinformation before they were even written.

Similar to my episode on the Censorship-Industrial Complex, we must all demand this program be ripped out from the roots, all funding must cease and all supporters of it be expunged from government. We cannot exist as a free nation when we have the oppressive, Authoritarian yoke of government servitude hanging about our shoulders. It doesn't matter your political leanings. When we have lost the ability to speak freely and exchange ideas, we are not longer the United States of America.

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