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The Alan Sanders Show

Dec 16, 2022

After my weekly shout outs for those who are helping to support the show, I spend the first 25 minutes of the show breaking down they 8 journalists suspended from Twitter from doxxing Elon Musk. The Legacy/mainstream media, as they are wont to do, is having a toddler tantrum and trying to make this out as somehow inconsistent and hypocritical.

First, it's interesting to see "journalists" suddenly interested when members of the profession are subjected to social media suspension. Too bad they only now seem interested in having the debate. Before, when they ran every Big Tech outlet, they didn't have to worry. Only those who dare go against their narrative had to worry. Now, when the rules are applied equally across the board, are they lighting their heads on fire.

So, I have to put the whole kerfuffle into context. Rest assured, the overwhelming number of the Legacy media are misrepresenting the situation. We are seeing a collective hissy fit for over what they rejoiced in doing for years until just a few weeks ago.

Next, I examine a report put out by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. Remember how I have said I feel like the employment numbers have been skewed to help in a midterm year? I told you the revisions would eventually be coming and would have to admit the economy is no where near as robust as the White House has been selling.

According to the Early Benchmark Revisions of State Payroll Employment, the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia estimates that employment data was vastly overstated in Q2'2022. Instead of the 1.1 million jobs touted by the White House, the revision shows it was actually 10,500 new jobs. That's an amazing correction and will likely not be the last as we head into 2023.

Finally, we have to get into the two announcements dropped by former President Donald Trump yesterday. Unfortunately, the first one makes a mockery of him and his time in office. He announced a line of digital trading cards, selling at $99 a piece. They make him look like he is a superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's laughable and makes you wonder how the idea ever got greenlighted?

The other announcement, deeply overshadowed by the trading cards, is a 6 minute speech he delivered about free speech and his plans to eliminate censorship. It's a fantastic plan and should be all we are talking about today. But, as is often the case with Trump, his ego gets in the way of his ideas. I wish someone had been able to tell him, a long time ago, to temper the narcissism and just act more presidential.

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