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The Alan Sanders Show

Apr 14, 2022

In today’s episode, I start with the arrest of Frank James, the black mass-shooter who indiscriminately shot up a Brooklyn subway station. I am still not drawing any conclusions on him or his overall motivations. It’s still too early. However, I do have one item worth noting regarding the media’s handling of this story, which brings me to a study conducted by The Washington Free Beacon.

In the study, they analyzed nearly 1,100 homicide stories from six different news publications over the last two years. Those papers were the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, San Francisco Chronicle and Minneapolis’s Star-Tribune. The data suggests an alarming editorial trend to omit information, presenting readers with a skewed view over who does or does not commit crime. It appears to be part of a willful “racial reckoning” racing across nearly every legacy media newsroom.

In short, papers are quick to mention the race of white murderers while burying or omitting the race of black murderers. Additionally, over half of the articles mentioned the race of a white offender within the first 15% of the article, while you need to read at least 60% of the story if it involves a black offender.

I am in no way trying to provoke a race discussion. In my view, news is news and should be reported objectively. If it is important to reveal the demographics and background of the perpetrator of one crime, then it is important to do so with all crimes. This should not be subjective. Descriptions are either important or they are not, you cannot have it both ways.

How will this affect the Frank James story? We will have to wait and see. I think it is important we all hold our media outlets accountable, demanding an objective reporting of news that is consistent and accurate, rather than trying to wrap it around a shroud of “social justice.”

My second topic deals with the glorious meltdown of so many overly-woke, virtue signaling, snowflakes who are making Twitter so much fun to read today in light of Elon Musk’s offer to buy Twitter and privatize it. To me, there is no better comedy on any streaming platform. To see people running with headlines like, “Freedom of Speech is the death of FREEDOM!” has me in stitches. My 50 gallon barrel for collecting liberal tears has already overflowed.

However, after getting past the humor, it’s time we ask ourselves, why are so many Democrats afraid of free speech? Why are they so against it and for censorship? It feels like there is more to their emotional outbursts than unbridled jealously over Elon Musk. It’s almost like they really don’t want freedom at all and that may be why the country is in the state we are in today. Because, these same people lighting their own heads on fire over this, are the same people who are in the White House, writing policies for Joe Biden to implement, and look how well that’s going.

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