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The Alan Sanders Show

Mar 18, 2022

In this episode, I take a detailed look at the last 18 months since the Hunter Biden laptop was first hitting the news and how the legacy media colluded with Democrats to protect Joe Biden. There is no other way to look at it or describe it. The legacy media, often referred to as the mainstream media, willfully chose to go along with another “Russian” hoax narrative rather than do their jobs as news journalists.

To illustrate the chain of events, we go all the way back to one of the presidential debates between then President Trump and candidate Joe Biden. They sparred back and forth over who had more integrity for the soul of the country. The line Joe Biden sold to the audience about the Hunter Biden laptop was how over 50 intelligence operatives and 4-5 former CIA Directors all said it was a Russian plant.

Most of the new media didn’t buy that at all! Think about what you have to believe for it to be true. Russian operatives had to fabricate years worth of emails, messages, pictures, documents, software and other files to make it look like Hunter Biden had been in possession of it for years. Then, after faking all of the internet masking and IP tracing, rather than take it to the media, they decided the best play was to drop it off at a mom-and-pop repair shop in Delware where it would sit for at least 6 months. Somehow these Russian operatives knew the store owner would get curious and rather than wipe the drive and sell it (which was their policy), he would decide to look at the files and would then take it to the press.

Now, the owner did in fact look at the hard drive and, thankfully, made a backup copy before calling the FBI. The FBI did come get it but nothing ever happened. For months, the store owner waited to see what would become of such scandalous information. After waiting longer, he decided to reach out to the media with the back up copy of the drive and that’s when the NY Post went with the story that got them de-platformed.

What a risk by those Russian operatives to hope that laptop would eventually get out in time for an election. Because, after four years of harsh sanctions, keeping Russia in check, it was obvious the Russians wanted four more years of a non-nonsense president they could not control. Makes perfect sense to me.

After going through even more sound bites showing how vehemently Joe Biden took one news outlet after another, peddling the Russian-plant lie, we return to present-day, where now the ol’ gray mare, the New York Times, is finally acknowledging what we’ve all known since October of 2020 – Joe Biden and the Biden family is corrupt, has been funneling money into their pockets under a pay-to-play scheme and are ripe for blackmailing and foreign influence.

Had the media done it’s job back in 2020, would it have changed your vote? How do you feel today? And, finally, why do so many continue to allow the legacy media to convince us they are purveyors of truth, when it’s demonstrable on a near daily basis, it’s actually the very opposite. They want to create the narrative and sell it to you, running under the notion of never letting the facts get in the way of a good story – or non-story as was the case with the Hunter Biden laptop.

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