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The Alan Sanders Show

Jan 11, 2023

Today we look at how poorly the Legacy/mainstream media seems to understand any of the basic tenants of democracy. If you believe in democratic principles, you have to believe in the value of debate. You have to cherish the concept of sharing ideas and arguing the merits. Unfortunately, we have unintelligent people who call themselves journalists.

Leslie Stahl beclowned herself on the most recent edition of 60 Minutes talking about the 5 day delay for the Congress to start because of the 20 holdouts. She doesn’t even really hear the argument she thinks she is making. Were she in a debate, she would have lost before even opening her mouth. I explain why taking time to establish the rules and confidence in a leader may be the most important vote these members of the House will cast.

Mollie Hemingway, Editor in Chief of The Federalist, was on the Guy Benson Show where she was asked to comment on Leslie Stahl’s inane comment about the opening of the 118th Congress. Without surprise, another Constitutionalist sees things in the same logical and methodical way we do here at The Alan Sanders Show.

Next we move to the classified documents discovered back in early November at a private office used by, at the time, Vice President Joe Biden on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania. CNN, in a move of brain-dead desperation, decided the best way to spin the issue to protect Joe Biden was to make a side-by-side comparison between the docs found in Biden’s possession versus those found in Donald Trump’s possession. While they attempt to excuse Biden, they have to hope you do not know the massive distinction they purposely left out of the discussion. That distinction, as we’ve discussed ad nauseum, Presidents have the Constitutional power to declassify anything they want for any reason, while no other position in government has that same power.

Seems the documents contained highly classified subjects related to Iran, the United Kingdom and Ukraine. Why does it seem Ukraine is always part of the discussion over corruption and the Biden Crime Family. We cannot help but remember when he was VP, Joe Biden was asked by President Obama to manage the Ukraine portfolio right at the time his son, Hunter, was placed on the board of the corrupt energy company, Burisma.

Constitutional expert and Law Professor Jonathan Turley put out a piece in the New York Post discussing the blatant hypocrisy of Joe Biden and how the Legacy/mainstream media is bending themselves over backwards to provide cover for him. Similarly, Representative Andy Biggs (R-AZ) tweeted Biden broke the law taking classified documents and now we know the Biden Center also received over $54 million dollars from anonymous Chinese donors with ties to the Communist Party. And the timing of those donations happened at the same time Hunter Biden was negotiation with the CEFC energy company in China where Joe Biden was designated as the Big Guy who was owed 10%.

Representative Elise Stefanik (R-NY) brings up national security concerns related to these findings, especially related to why the DOJ knew about the issue in early November and we are only just now hearing about it. This ties into the need for the new “Church” committee to be chaired by Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH). The vote to create the committee was voted YES by every Republican, while every Democrat voted NO. That means the modern democrat party has fallen so far from the days of JFK, where today they are admitting they want an authoritarian regime and do not care to follow the Constitution or abide by the Bill of Rights.

We end on a moment of stupidity, illustrating just how far gone the Joe Biden Administration has become. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission is looking to ban the use of natural gas stove and ranges for cooking. The absurdity is beyond belief and shows how much this government wants to control every element of your life.

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