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The Alan Sanders Show

Dec 20, 2022

Today's show opens with a quick look to the Kari Lake lawsuit, which we just find will go forward. Kattie Hobbs tried to have the case dismissed, but a judge is allowing a pair of charges to go forward. As Kari Lake tweets, Kattie Hobbs is now going to have to take the stand and defend her actions in the midterms election.

Next, we have to spend a few minutes recapping the bonus episode of the January 6 Committee where the Kangaroo Court, short on time as the new Congress starts on January 3rd, 2023, had to announce their bogus charges for criminal referral. The committee never once bothered to present themselves as fair or unbiased. They always intended to recommend charges and yesterday was their final chance to do it. In all likelihood, the new Congress will rescind the referrals.

Plus, the idea the DOJ would move forward on such anemic charges, as much as they might want to, is laughable. They know they would never stand up to appeal, even if they got initial convictions inside a DC courtroom. The political move is going to die where it sits, just like every other bogus charge that's been brought to bear on Donald Trump.

We then spend the remainder of the episode looking at the latest release of information from Twitter. Michael Shellenberger dropped the Twitter Files part 7 yesterday just after I completed the show. It dives into deeper detail the intelligence operation that was set in motion in December of 2019. That operation was to convince, through both collaboration and intimidation, Twitter (and other Big Tech companies) that a Russian hacking group would be dropping fake information before the 2020 presidential election.

The FBI knew the Hunter Biden laptop was real and rather than go after the actual crimes indicated on the hard drive, they chose to implement an operation to discredit it, showing how they wanted to protect the Biden Crime Family and oust a sitting president. It's a blatant overreach of power and scope with wanton disregard for our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

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