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The Alan Sanders Show

Jul 27, 2020

I had a chance to fill-in on the Erick Erickson Show. For those who missed all or part, I am going to release each hour of each day (with commercial breaks edited out) so you can listen at your leisure.

In hour three on Wednesday, I opened with a piece written by the interim Chief of Police for the Atlanta Police Department. The chief goes after both the mayor and Fulton County DA, both who seem more interested in playing politics instead of doing their jobs. This returns to the discussion of what is considered patriotic by the mainstream media and what isn't. I compare the speech by President Donald Trump versus comments by Ilhan Omar and a councilwoman in Seattle. The conversation then moves to the rise of "intellectuals" in the Ivory Tower and how we give them far too much power and authority. I ask why we lack a healthy sense of curiosity and an even healthier dose of skepticism? 

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