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The Alan Sanders Show

Mar 9, 2023

Today’s show opens with a new layer of jaw-dropping incompetence dropped by J6 Committee Chair, Bennie Thompson. After days of the Left losing their minds, along with a fair share of RINOs, regarding Tucker Carlson’s show, Thompson now claims neither he nor anyone else on the J6 Committee saw the footage Tucker revealed. He said their staffs were asked to review footage and to bring them their assessment.

It seems my satirical reference of calling them a reality television show is more accurate than I ever imagined. The J6 Committee existed solely to be presenters of pre-scripted material assembled by their staffs and a television news showrunner. All of this was to force the American public to believe a narrative, while hiding the full truth of what happened.

Similarly, in a hearing taking place on the origins of Covid, former head of the CDC, Dr. Redfield revealed information, which was classified at the time, but has since been declassified. This information was likely known by Dr. Fauci and others in our government. Dr. Robert Redfield, testified about three unusual events in the Wuhan Lab from September of 2019: 1) Genome Sequences were deleted from computers; 2) Control changed from Civilian to Military, and; 3) A contractor came in to change the ventilation system of the lab. Is there any doubt left about where the virus originated? And how much differently would the world have reacted had we been told that from the very beginning?

Finally, as he was about to testify before the Weaponization of Government Subcommittee, journalist Matt Taibbi dropped a brand new Twitter Files thread. We all know how cozy our government had become with Big Tech. We know they put pressure to censor the free speech of Americans. What we learned today goes even deeper and more sinister than that. Today we learned that the government was actively pushing to create what can only be called a Censorship-Industrial Complex. This group was focused on protecting the narratives of the state at the expense of all others, including actual truth.

You read that correctly. In communication with each other, this fusion of private and public entities along with academia and the Legacy/mainstream media, wondered what to do when faced with true information that would derail the narrative put forth by the state. This is a bureaucracy willing to sacrifice factual truth in service to a broader narrative desired by the state. This is the exact opposite of what the free press does and runs completely contrary to the tenants of the First Amendment and our Bill of Rights.

The question is, have you reached out to your representative to ask them what they intend to do about it? Are we going to continue to allow this rogue element to determine what we are allowed to read, say and share with one another? There can be no true freedom if we lose our freedom of speech and it has never been more under assault than it is today.

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