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The Alan Sanders Show

Mar 31, 2023

Today, before I jump into what is the biggest news item of the day, have to remind you just how far we’ve strayed from our Constitutional Republic. The only way to truly grasp the full extent over just how far we have fallen toward a third world banana republic is to remind you where we started. And, I don’t intend to go that far back. I can illustrate this with the events of the past week and the first two years of the Biden regime. The only item that goes back further is an interview Barack Obama gave in 2001.

Let’s start. First, let’s discuss how CBS executive have decided their news cannot use the word “transgender” when describing the Nashville shooter. While we already know about the Censorship Industrial-Complex in place, we have a Legacy/mainstream media outlet deciding to censor themselves, not due to misinformation, but to intentionally spread misinformation.

According to recently revealed documents, AG Merrick Garland lied under oath, exposed for telling US Marshals not to arrest Leftist protests outside SCOTUS Justices’ homes. He testified that Marshals are supposed to enforce the law, but not it looks like he was the one who told them to stand down.

Next up, an exchange this past week between Senator Ted Cruz and Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas of the Department of Homeland Security. Cruz is understandably angry at the sheer incompetence on display. He is not interested in enforcing our laws, protecting our border or respecting the sovereignty of our own nation.

Similarly, in a different hearing. Secretary Haaland from the Department of the Interior was grilled over the critical minerals we need for the Green Energy movement. It’s obvious she is in over her head and has no clue what she’s doing or how bad their policies are. They are fine making deals with China and Russia, who are not good stewards of the environment, rather than empowering our own country to be independent through our own mining.

Let’s revisit censorship of the news. At Biden’s “Summit for Democracy,” US allies in Europe demand Facebook censor “false narratives” and news that would “weaken support to Ukraine.” And Facebook agreed. The State narrative must be protected, even in the face of news that might weaken support. Additionally, we just discovered the Facebook Covid fact-checkers were all bought and paid for by Big Pharma. You know it’s bad when a professor of liberal studies and NYU, Michael Rechtenwald, says it’s a collusion that suppresses truth in favor of promoting the narratives of the State.

Nancy Pelosi seems to have no idea about our judicial system. In light of the indictment from the NYC AG Alvin Bragg’s Grand Jury against Donald Trump, she tweeted that now Trump can have his day in court to prove his innocence. That’s not how are system has ever worked. But, I guess the Left wants to change that as well. Instead of being innocent until proven guilty, she believes the courts should operate exactly the opposite.

Constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley calls it “outrageous” and “legally pathetic.” Similarly, Harvard Law School Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz said, “In 60 years of practice, this is the worst case of prosecutorial abuse I have ever seen.”

But, I am hopeful. I see a silver lining. Like in the movie V for Vendetta, when people give power to a symbol, it becomes a powerful idea. How to you stop an idea? How do you defeat it once it’s been planted? The indictment of Donald Trump will become the symbol of all that is wrong with our government and demonstrates just how far we’ve strayed. If it does what I believe it will, the people will awaken and do all they can to make sure this regime and it’s supporters are not given another term in office.

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