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The Alan Sanders Show

Jun 15, 2022

In today’s episode, we have to wonder at the turmoil taking place behind closed doors in the White House and in the Democrat Party. When you lose CNN, MSNBC and TX-34, it’s not a good sign for the midterms.

CNN’s Harry Enten was on with Anderson Cooper and took the Biden Administration behind the woodshed. Biden officially has set a new record for the worse response on the Consumer Sentiment Index since it was created back in 1952 by the University of Michigan. The second worse rating was May 1980 followed by April of 1980. The failed energy and economic policies of the Jimmy Carter administration were the reason Ronald Reagan was elected and Biden has managed to set the bar even lower before the 2022 midterms.

When Jimmy Carter went into the 1978 midterms, his disapproval rating was 66%. President Biden, asking the person next to him to “hold my beer,” is now at a 71% disapproval rate at the same time for his midterm year. When you can leave the disastrous record of Jimmy Carter in the dust, you know you’ve set a new standard for incompetence.

On top of that, and to go along with what we said last week about how Hispanic sentiment is making a huge shift toward the GOP, yesterday saw an historic win for Republican Mayra Flores. In a special election, she flipped the 34th Congressional district in Texas, a seat that Democrats have held for a century. If this doesn’t presage the coming red wave to Democrats, I don’t know what will.

I take a moment to talk about the fracturing taking place in the January 6th Committee Hearings. They had to postpone one of their scheduled episodes of reality TV due to some in-fighting. On top of that, the Capitol Police completed their investigation of Congressman Barry Loudermilk and found not wrong-doing on his part. The Committee tried to smear the Congressman, saying he led a reconnaissance tour of the Capitol on January 5th. The problem, the Congressman nor the group went anywhere close to the Capitol.

However, in a desperate attempt to bring the fight to reclaim credibility to social media, Rep. Bennie Thompson (R-MS) issued a follow-up letter demanding Congressmen Loudermilk to testify over his recon mission on January 5th. Does Thompson not know the Capitol police already concluded that was not the case? It’s really not surprising that this circus continues to beclown themselves on a daily basis.

Finally, keep in mind that most talking heads on television do not operate with a solid core set of principles. To demonstrate this, I remind you of what Joe Scarborough said about Joe Manchin and in January of this year and then his changed tune just this past week. When you don't have consistent and rock solid core principles, you forget where you stood on issues even 5 months ago.

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