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The Alan Sanders Show

Jun 29, 2023

Today I open with a discussion of the Supreme Court ruling that Affirmative Action rules for college admissions is unconstitutional. The first shot against the woke DEI movement that has been ramming itself down everyone’s throat has been heard. This should be a wake-up call that equity is the exact opposite of equality. However, my fear is, those institutions are just going to hide their bias even more.

Too many of our colleges and universities are no longer interested in taking in the best and the brightest and then giving them even more knowledge to then take into the workforce. Instead, they have become indoctrination and grooming centers where they can breed the woke agenda into people and send them out to destroy our country. They are only interested in finding weak, skulls full of mush and radicalizing them and then unleashing them into the workforce.

It explains why wokism and transgenderism is running rampant. These radical leftists want a communist utopia and believe the quickest ways to achieve that end is to plant communist seeds in every business and industry in our country. And to help fuel this movement, we have create the conditions where members of those groups get to receive special attention. A straight, white male is mocked and derided today, but if that person decides they are transgender, then the “white male” descriptors no longer apply. They have become a marginalized group and are therefore afforded an elevated status. It’s what happens when you place magical thinking over reality.

We have a story of one professor who was fired from Pennsylvania State University because of the original sin of being white. Another professor of biology with 20+ years of teaching was fired for teaching students the XX chromosomes in an embryo will lead to a female and XY will lead to a male. A long-standing professor of biology was fired for teaching facts!

And they are definitely coming after our children. In one pride march after another, chants of, “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming after your children,” are shockingly on display. They aren’t even bothering to lie about it anymore. There has always been a strong correlation of people fixated on transgenderism and drag to have a predilection for pedophilia. That’s why they keep pushing to normalize sexual relationships with children, calling it, minor attracted persons. In fact, just this week, a counselor at a school who helped to organize drag shows was arrested for having sexual relations with a 15 year old. Moms in LA’s Unified School District have had it and are not going to be silenced. They are tired of seeing their children being groomed.

What we ultimately have to realize is Leftists are always looking for the next target. Once they eliminate their target, they move to a new one. At some point, they will come after you or something you enjoy, like the wood fired pizza story we discussed yesterday. That’s why you cannot give these people and inch. The more you concede, the more they will take and then come back and demand even more.

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