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The Alan Sanders Show

May 26, 2022

In today’s episode, I can’t believe I have to open with an explanation of inanimate objects. To illustrate, I took my handgun out recently, put it on the table and yelled at it. I called it names, I mocked it, belittled it, made it feel inferior and unloved. No matter what I tried, I could not get the gun to shoot. It seemed content to sit there and do nothing.

That’s the point. A car is no more a living being than a gun. Cars don’t choose to start up and drive down the road looking for a gathering of parade-goers to run over. To pretend the only solution is to blame the inanimate object shows the Left is not really interested in solutions. They only want talking points and campaign promises when it comes to guns.

First off, President Joe Biden once again repeated the fallacy (fact-checked numerous times) that the 2nd Amendment prevented Americans from owning canons. The is but factually and legally false. There was nothing at all in the Constitution preventing canon ownership. In fact, there is a section in the Constitution giving privateers legal authority to arm their ships and go after bad guys on the high seas.

So, when the president is clueless about the 2nd Amendment, why should we be surprised to find so many on the Left are equally clueless. Until we make a point of solving the cultural issues that lead the creation of mass-shooters, we have to look for better solutions. Going door-to-door in search of confiscating 400M guns is just not feasible and will never happen. Instead, simple solutions like limiting points of entry, on-site security, staff training and drills are ways to mitigate the risks from an active shooter.

As we learn more about the specific incident in Texas, we are now finding out local police did not enter the school. They stopped parents from entering who were shouting at them to do something. They were obviously too afraid or lacked the training to deal with an active shooter scenario. Reports show the shooter was inside from 40 minutes to an hour before the special border patrol team arrived and eventually entered, taking out the heinous murderer. That is unacceptable!

Shifting for a moment, even CNN is now reporting on the poor management by the FDA as it relates to the infant formula crisis. I include a short time line from CNN’s Elizabeth Cohen as FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert M. Califf is set to face another grilling from the Senate.

As I close out, I shift over to some health news as it relates to respiratory infections. Dr. Robert Malone recently discussed more studies continuing to show individuals with 50ng/liter levels of vitamin D had no mortality when it came to the recent pandemic. It reinforces what I’ve been trying to tell my audience for over 18 months and continue to preach over and over, even though I have been flagged for spreading “disinformation” about it. And, to cap it off, there are now well over 150 of the highest-quality, complete and robust studies showing beyond the shadow of a doubt, natural immunity acquired through infection is the best, strongest and most long-lasting protection you can have for the recent virus that was used to shut down so much of the Western world. The fact so many leaders in public health intentionally lied about that for so long should be considered a criminal act.

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