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The Alan Sanders Show

Jul 14, 2022

In today’s show I have to open with a correction. Earlier in the week, based on a lot of investigation and even getting sound from the Attorney General for the state of Ohio, I suggested the 10 year old rape story was fake. It sure seemed that way and I still feel there are many red flags around it. However, after a lot of pressure, the Left finally had to reveal the identity of the rapist they were desperately trying to hide. It now appears the 10 year old was raped at least twice by an illegal migrant named Gerson Fuentes, a 27 year old man.

There are many unanswered questions about why it took this much pressure to find the perpetrator and why the doctors involved never reported the situation. So, in part, there is enough about the story that is hidden or contrived.

Which then brings me to Senator Elizabeth Warren. When I think rabid Leftists cannot shock me any longer with their outrageous beliefs, I come across a moment that sets the bar even lower. Elizabeth Warren is, no pun intended, on the warpath. The Squaw is so angry that non-profits exist to help women with their pregnancies. Yes, you read that correctly. Senator Elizabeth Warren says, “Crisis pregnancy centers, that are there to fool people looking for pregnancy termination help, outnumber abortion clinics by 3-1. We need to shut them down all around the country. You should not be able to torture a pregnant person like that.”

The darkness and vileness oozing out of the seething senator from Massachusetts has managed to shock even me. She is enraged that people in communities have decided to form support structures to help those in need. These non-profits are not fake, they are not there to fool anyone and support millions of people in our country. How much hatred must you harbor to want to tell communities they are not allowed to reach out and provide love and assistance to those in need. To Warren, the only answer is to kill the unborn. That’s the only way a woman can be empowered. It’s the only “right” that matters.

Erin Hawley provides the antidote to the poisonous Warren. Hawley is a Senior Counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom and testified before Congress that pro-life is pro-woman! She helps provide the answers Senator Warren wants to keep hidden. The Left really doesn’t care about you or your rights. They just want to scare you so they can retain power over you. The more educated you are, the harder you are to fool and the less likely to be controlled. That’s what they really fear the most.

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