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The Alan Sanders Show

May 15, 2023

Today’s show illustrates what a real-time PsyOp propaganda campaign with a healthy dose of gaslighting thrown in for good measure looks like. All we need to do is show you how the Left and the MSM decided to report that last two days of illegal crossings versus the full week leading up, let alone the last two years.

To start the show, we get snarky and ridiculous comments from President Joe Biden, VP Kamala Harris and a headline from the Washington Post. Just listening to them or reading, you’d think the border has never been better and more secure. DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas took a victory lap on CNN’s State of the Union, taking pride in a 50% reduction of illegals over the weekend.

They completely ignored the record breaking daily numbers and even though we are still at 5000 a day for the past two, they want you to think that’s hardly worthy noticing. They are gaslighting us in real-time. To show you how bad that number is, I go back to 2019 when former Obama DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson was on MSNBC. At that time, they were talking about a surge of 4000 illegals in one day under the Trump administration. Jeh Johnson stated over a 1000 a day overwhelms the system.

So, four years ago, more than 1000 arrests a day was overwhelming, but today, Biden, Harris and Mayorkas want you to think 5000 a day is business as usual and nothing worth noting. Even looking at the Got-Away numbers from Border Patrol, we have seen a dramatic rise, month-to-month since Biden came into office. The numbers were around 9,500 a month and now are more than 64,000 a month. That’s over and above the ones captured and processed. No matter how they try to present it, we have a massive crisis that I believe is happening by design. They want a permanent and dependent under-class to keep them in power for the rest of their lives.

My next topic deals with the current investigations into the Biden Crime Family Syndicate. President Biden had an angry and confusing response to being asked about his own corruption. Apparently, Donald Trump lives rent-free in Biden’s head. On a concerning note, Rep. James Comer (R-KY) admitted that many of the whistleblowers/informants they are relying on are either missing or unavailable. It’s distressing to hear how these folks are being intimidated, threatened or are disappearing before the investigation is even complete.

Biden managed to outdo himself with a hateful and bigoted speech delivered to Howard University. He regurgitated the talking point that White Supremacy is the biggest terrorist threat we face as a nation. That is a ridiculous lie and one meant to divide and disparage all Americans. Gunny J Wells took to TikTok and had something to say about that.

Finally, we get a short installment of Deep Thoughts with VP Kamala Harris. She never ceases to provide us with some solid, head-scratching, word-salad when she’s allowed to speak off-the-cuff to an audience.

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