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The Alan Sanders Show

Feb 2, 2023

Today I planned to cover two topics, but decided to add a third at the end. Hunter Biden appears to now acknowledge it really is his laptop, House Oversight is just now finding out nearly $600 billion dollars of taxpayer money has been lost to Covid fraud, waste and abuse. And lawmakers spent over an hour yesterday debating on whether or not they should say the Pledge of Allegiance before the start of a committee meeting.

First, let's discuss the person President Joe Biden said was the smartest guy he knows, his son, Hunter. The brain trust that is Hunter Biden, who left (and forgot) his laptop and other devices with an laptop repair store, is now asking for a criminal probe and to have everyone stop using his data to go after his dad. It's amazing. I have to wonder if he consulted the President before making this move. Are we watching a full-on panic mode from the Biden Crime Family? What is the end game? And all of the people mentioned in the letter from Hunter's attorney's are not worried at all. In fact, they, too, see this as a s panic-fueled reaction to the upcoming House investigations set to start next week.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is also concerned over the 22 bullet point memo and the extraordinary coincidence that it was drafted just days before his dad, then VP Biden, flew to the Ukraine to introduce himself as having been asked to manage their portfolio. So, watch how the Legacy/mainstream media starts to cover this evolving story. If they only go after or mention Hunter without also mentioning Joe Biden, you will be watching the orchestrated campaign to try to insulate the president. However, it is impossible to avoid the connections between Biden and his son.

The second topic we cover today is the beginning of the House Oversight committee looking at fraud, waste and abuse surround Covid relief payments. Chair of the committee, James Comer (R-KY) opened asking Inspected General Michael Horowitz to explain the Do Not Pay list of the US Treasury Department. The follow-up to that was, did anyone use that list to which the IG said, no. Stunning, folks. Side-stepping that one piece accounts for at least $3.6 billion in dollars that should have had secondary oversight before being released.

Representative Gary Palmer (R-AL) then lists several projects states used their Covid relief funds, none of which have anything to do with Covid, healthcare or anything even remotely related. Hundreds of millions of dollars, in just the last few months, was wasted by letting states use those funds for pet projects.

Representative Andy Biggs (R-AZ), just looking at the unemployment programs and payouts tries to get a sense of how much fraud exists there. The comptroller responds, using the known data so far of 20% fraud rate in unemployment insurance, they are looking at a "low end estimate" of $60 billion of taxpayer dollars wasted.

Adding to the sickening levels of fraud, waste and abuse, Representative Byron Donalds (R-FL) wanted to know if the witnesses knew the Biden administration had funneled money away from the Strategic National Stockpile and NIH to pay the housing costs for illegals crossing our southern border. Apparently, rather then replenish vaccine stores or fund the National Institute of Health, Biden had to reapportion $2 billion in Covid relief funds to pay housing costs for illegals.

The last bite comes from Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) who asks a simple question related to the billions of dollars stolen from our government. She wanted to know if a single person our government has been fired, demoted or reassigned as a result of this incompetence. Not surprisingly, no one could think of a single person who has been punished.

Finally, we end the show with a highly illustrative topic to demonstrate just how far the Democrat party has fallen from our Republic. The House debated for more than an hour over whether or not they should open with the Pledge of Allegiance. Representative Wesley Hunt (R-TX) needs just two minutes to destroy the Democrats argument and remind the room of their role and privilege to represent the people of this one, united nation.

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