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The Alan Sanders Show

Aug 8, 2021

For a fitness first Saturday, it was my pleasure to welcome personal trainer, Susan Delmonico of SJD Health and Fitness, to the show. Susan brought up the topics of overall fitness and how important it is, especially as we age. We also discuss going through your cupboards and taking stock of the food choices that have been made in the past. From there, it's time to put a new shopping/meal plan in place. Yes, buying fresh fruits and vegetables can be more costly, but there are way to mitigate your bill. Pay attention to sales, loyalty discount cards and coupons. Learn to plan your meals for the week based on what's on sale at the grocery store. Plan for at least one of those meals to provide leftovers or the option for a second meal. 

Once you get in the habit of meal planning, it really only takes 15-20 minutes to do. Finally, even if you do not have weights or access to a gym, there are ways to exercise your core muscles. Your core is all about balance and providing the base for all other exercises. Strengthening your core can be done by using the weight of your own body. You can work at home with no additional cost to your budget. 

If you are interested in finding a personal trainer to get you on the path to health and wellness, reach out to Susan today at You can also find her website at or You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter