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The Alan Sanders Show

Apr 26, 2022

In today’s episode, I get to start with the news of Elon Musk finally taking control of Twitter. Musk, who has said from the very beginning of this story, believes freedom of speech is essential for any civilization to advance. It is the most important element for a democratic society. He is right. That’s why our Founding Father’s placed that very freedom in the first amendment to our Constitution.

This move has helped prove, once again, how the vast majority of legacy media and Big Tech are nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Democrat party. They know how they have been able to manipulate social media, banning, shadow-banning or suspending people and accounts who have a different point of view. They were able to successfully interfere with the 2020, for example, by covering up the Hunter Biden laptop story. They had hoped it had disappeared for good, until a few weeks back when it reared its ugly head.

Brian Stelter at CNN loves to create narratives that sound, on the surface, almost believable. In that respect, he is a very crafty creator of propaganda. He took to the CNN audience and tried to relate freedom of speech to going to a party when everyone could do whatever they wanted. He painted the notion that a no-holds-barred party would be dangerous to attend and then made it look like this applies to Twitter. At no time has Elon Musk advocated for no moderation. He has spoken before about wanting temporary bans versus permanent, but he has never said there would not be a reason to monitor content. Death threats, plotting violence or other extremist activity should be monitored and corrected. However, discussing the pros and cons of, let’s say, Ivermectin should not be part of policing that Leftists have been promoting. Banning doctors who have successfully treated patients should not have their account banned simply because they are not aligned with the sainted Dr. Fauci or Dr. Walensky.

While moderators on the legacy media now worry about how some voices might be shut down or shadow-banned, they only are admitting what they themselves did and are not worried the tables have been turned. Elon Musk has not once indicated he is in favor of doing that, a tit-for-tat style of revenge for all of the censorship the Left has encouraged and celebrated.

The White House, via Press Secretary Jen Psaki, has suddenly decided to revisit the idea social media may actually be a publisher and not just a platform and should be regulated under section 230. Amazing how when Big Tech is doing the bidding of the Left, they are a platform, but now that Twitter may actually be open to BOTH SIDES having equal access, now they need to see if it should be regulated by the government.

What we are seeing is real-time evidence of just how sordid, crooked and Left-leaning our media, Big Tech and the Democrat party have become. They are not interested in winning the battle for ideas. They want complete dominance of the field by not even allowing the other side a chance to speak. And that is very much un-American.

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