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The Alan Sanders Show

Apr 1, 2022

In today’s episode, I continue illustrating how there are a number of adults who have decided they are going after our children as part of their ongoing social experiments. They have decided it is tougher to radicalize an adult who has a solid foundation and upbringing, so they are going straight after the most innocent and precious members of our society – our children.

First, I bring you audio from a closed meeting among content creators, producers and executives at Disney. Rather than discuss programming meant to inspire and teach children about being good students and productive members of society, they want to fundamentally change your children and sexualize them. They want to force the agenda of the Gen-Z generation down their throats, knowing young children will not know any better.

Parents, it is our job to raise our children and we better start taking the job seriously. That means being involved with them, playing with them, teaching them, showing them right from wrong. If we don’t, these mentally unwell adults who are flocking to pre-K through 5th grade are going to fill the void you leave them. And they are laughing about it right on social media.

So, after letting you listen to the agenda of what’s going to be coming your way from Disney, I return to more sound bites and stories of how teachers, administrators and social workers are waging a war on parents and doing all they can to continue confusing young minds while colluding to keep it a secret. They want to talk about their own identities, their home life, their sexual choices and more, and that is just plain wrong. No young child is prepared for nor understands such complex dynamics. They want to skip, run, play, ride bikes and, well, be a kid! They are not adults and thus should not be forced to think like or make adult decisions.

If we do not make a point of getting actively involved in our schools and our communities, this problem is only going to get worse. We are on the verge of a massive mental health crisis that will rip our society apart. The purveyors of sexualizing their classrooms and your children need to be identified and rooted out of public schools. Administrations need to be vigilant. School boards need to be engaged. But, most of all, parents must be a constant presence in their own kids’ lives just to make sure they know what’s happening day in and day out when they are supposed to be learning academics, not being radicalized and brainwashed.

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