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The Alan Sanders Show

Jan 23, 2023

For today's show, I need to explain why you often hear me say the Legacy/mainstream media is nothing more than the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party. Over the weekend, we have had several news items break and I will spend today illustrating why my description of them is both accurate and fair. Yes, there are a handful of people in those institutions who are struggling to get out the real news, but more often than not, they are buried in the editorial process and by corporate ownership. The New Media (or Fifth Estate) is where you have to turn to find the real news today.

To open, we look at my home state of Georgia. Heading into the weekend. Police went to clear an area where the city of Atlanta is going to build a new police training facility. Antifa agitators had been camping on the acreage in an attempt to stop the police. One of these domestic terrorists decided he wanted to kill a cop and shot an officer in the lower abdomen, seriously wounding the officer. In response, police returned fire and killed the Antifa terrorist. Over the next few days, calls for a Day of Rage went out in protest of the killing of the man. And, true to Antifa form, Atlanta fell under siege by the wanton criminals and derelicts of humanity. Yet, the media would have you believe otherwise. They wrap the attempted murderer in warm blankets and use words like, "mostly peaceful" protest. Side note: I'd like them to apply the same standards as to the January 6 riot, but you know they won't.

There was a mass shooting in Monterey Park, killing 10 and wounding at least 10 more. The cries of white supremacy and gun control were predictable from the moment the news broke until a terribly inconvenient fact arose. The shooter was Asian. This story is now disappear as they all do when a non-white shooter is pulling the trigger.

More classified documents were found in Biden’s home, these dating back to his days in the U.S. Senate. How many more documents will we find and from how many decades? Yet, the sycophants continue to act as if there is nothing to see because Biden is “following a process” and “cooperating” with the DOJ. The fact they keep saying that makes it seem less and less likely there is any truth to that. Are we watching the drip, drip, drip of bad news and constant bad media being intentionally used to pressure Biden to resign – or certainly not run again in 2024? Seems more and more like that is the case.

A Vanderbilt professor argues that the subject of mathematics is predominantly white and heterosexual. You cannot make this up. Numbers and formulas are now equivalent to the Left’s war on straight, white males. Maybe this over-educated dunce needed a little more background on who invented algebra (for example) to illustrate just how intellectually vapid he is.

Similarly, the press continues to say Governor Ron DeSantis canceled an AP course on African American studies. Of course, in using those words and committing their favorite act of omission, the headlines around the country are how DeSantis is a racists and Florida is a horrible state. Needless to say, it took me less than 10 minutes to discover what was in the curriculum of that proposed course: Intersectionality, black queer studies, the reparations movement and more CRT specific subjects.

Finally, as reported in SkyNews, trans activists are going after an Aretha Franklin song. Yes, the queen of soul is having her song, “Natural Woman” attacked for daring to call out what a woman is. We are living in strange times, folks. But, they can only get away with this brain dead nonsense and ridiculous narratives if we allow them to. Don’t feed the trolls. Don’t let them get their petulant and infantile way. Someone has to be the parent and it’s time the rest of the adults in the room act accordingly to these children in adult bodies.

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