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The Alan Sanders Show

Jun 14, 2022

In today’s episode, I open with a stunning statement from Justin Trudeau of Canada, saying the use of firearms for self-defense does not exist in his country. The little dictator wishes he could disarm the people and turn Canada into his own communist regime.

We then move onto Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) weighing in on the January 6th Hearings. In a nutshell, he says we have learned nothing new thus far and they are illegitimate in the first place. It is the first committee in history where the minority party was not allowed to put the people they wanted on it. Speaker Pelosi only wanted Trump-hating people to make up the committee, while making sure she would be isolated from answering any questions about her decision to not take Trump up on his offer for the National Guard. Jordan did say that when Republicans get back in the majority, they will get to the bottom of all parts of the January 6 story.

Next comes several sound bites and discussions with the current Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, a gay, black, female immigrant, making her eminently qualified for the position. She daned around the price of gas and wants us to believe President Biden’s leadership is what’s helped keep the price at the pump from being worse. Can you believe that?

This led to a question about whether Biden felt any concern over his approval rating, specifically his “really pretty amazingly low and consistently low” rating? Folks, according to Karine Jean-Pierre, Biden is the first politician in history to not care about his numbers.

With inflation above 5% for an entire year and rising to now 8.6% this year, Karine is asked why it took so long for the President to take inflation seriously. She wants us to believe he has always done so. Because of that nonsense answer, I queue up a montage of quotes from him and his Administration on how they have addressed inflation from May of 2021 through April of 2022. I doubt anyone thinks he took it seriously.

Karine is then asked about how all the gains in the stock market have disappeared under Biden and what does the President think about that. She literally said that while inflation and the stock market is bad, things are so great in the United States right now that we are poised to ride this out.

The final Karine Jean-Pierre moment relates to the assassination attempt of Justice Kavanaugh and what is being done to protect them and to temper the emotions around the Roe v. Wade issue? KJP outright lies about Biden condemning the attempt, does not seem to know Speaker Pelosi killed the legislation to add more protection and seem to be bereft of any actual knowledge on the subject.

We end with two back-to-back bites that will help guide all of us at the polls in November. We start with Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) who does her best Marie Antoinette, bragging about having an electric vehicle and how gas prices do not bother her. We butt this up against former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) who reminds us that out-of-touch politicians are only there for themselves and not for us. It’s as I’ve said before, they want to rule over us, not represent.

That is our lesson for who should gain our vote. Are they in touch with the common, every day, ordinary American and are wanting to represent us? Or are they elites who only want to rule? That’s the only question we need to ask ourselves before casting our ballots.

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