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The Alan Sanders Show

May 10, 2022

In today’s episode, I open with Joe Biden once again looking for someone else to blame for rising inflation. Remember, first he said it wasn’t going to happen. Then he said it was only transitory. He had lots of letters from Nobel winning economists insisting inflation would go away with more government spending. The next scapegoat was President Putin and the war in Ukraine. Now, he has a new group to blame – Republicans. Yes, their unwillingness to help him is what’s to blame. The more we get of Joe Biden the more we see just what an empty suit he really is. Appropriate, given his ever-emptying head.

This reminded me of a psychological study from the late 1950’s. Researchers were trying to figure out what causes stronger belief or allegiances. In one of these, undergraduate women were told about an important, yet sensitive lecture on the psychology of sex. However, to ensure they would be suitable, they had to pass an embarrassment test. Half the group had to read aloud some words from note cards, like prostitute or kissing. The other half had to read aloud whole passages of extremely explicit pornography.

Once in the lecture, what they were treated to was a dull and lifeless discussion. That was by design. The “participants” discussed secondary sexual behavior of lower-order animals. They were told to speak in gibberish or unfinished sentences to make it as nonsensical and uninteresting as possible.

What was discovered at the end of the experiment was the women who had gone through the “severe” embarrassment test were far more likely to rate the discussion as interesting and intelligent. They were engaging in a phenomenon called Effort Justification. The experiment confirmed what was, at that time, a novel theory of cognitive dissonance, by rewriting reality to justify their effort. They had two conflicting thoughts in their heads, causing mental discomfort. How could they have been put through such an explicit test just to sit through a terrible and boring lecture. It didn’t make sense. So, they decide to invent a new reality to help justify their efforts.

This allows me to jump to where we are today, looking back and Covid. So many in our population were subjected to a daily ritual hazing from our leaders in public health, with the assistance of the legacy media and Big Tech. All of the lies about mask-wearing, the vaccine, social distance, locking down, virtual learning for K-12 and above, was all wrong. They knew it was wrong, but they enacted those policies anyway. And, for the vast majority of people, their own cognitive dissonance forced them to re-write reality. They would not have fallen victim of such deceit. They were too smart for that. So, it must be they were never lied to at all and they were good people for doing what they were told.

I am hoping many have awoken and can come to terms without lying to themselves, because I believe the Left will try to evoke another round of fear around the midterms of a new Covid wave. After all, it worked in 2020, why not try it again? We have to be aware the programming they are doing and refuse to be fooled again.

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