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The Alan Sanders Show

Jun 2, 2022

In today’s episode, we have to applaud the new leadership at CNN for deciding on of the N’s in their name stands for “news.” While the headline from Axios states CNN wants to pull back on the overuse of “Breaking News” to keep from over-hyping and scaring the audience, the real nugget of the story is embedded at the end. What they have come to realize is they need to get back to doing hard news coverage and move away from progressive commentary.

I’m becoming a tiny bit hopeful the “woke” agenda is fracturing and may have run it’s disastrous course. While going woke was always about capitulating to the unhinged mob of less than 5%, they were loud and dangerous and most just preferred to give in rather than argue. But, like everything with the Left, there is no such thing as compromise. For them, compromise means they get whatever they want and the other side loses everything. Let’s hope more and more companies are waking up and realizing the vast majority of America isn’t finding way to be offended by everything.

I then have to discuss yesterday’s press briefing on the baby formula crisis. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, a gay, black, female, immigrant, making her imminently qualified to be Press Secretary, was asked about when the White House (The President) was first made away of the formula shortage problem? After dancing around the question, Karine Jean-Pierre had to finally admit she didn’t have a timeline for how it happened. She did remind everyone how Joe Biden is very good at multitasking and has been on the problem since February.

This leads to the next sound bite. After being pressed again about the President making the crisis a priority, she states, “Look, the president has multiple issues, multiple crises at the moment…” But, you just said he was good at multitasking. Guess that isn’t so.

But, the Commander-in-Chief once again outs himself for his own arrogance and stupidity. When he was asked about not moving quicker, he says no one anticipated the impact of the shutdown of the Abbott facility. This is a shocking statement. There are only a handful of companies allowed to produce infant formula and shutting down one of the biggest didn’t lead anyone to think it would be an impact?

When pressed, reminding him that CEOs of those other companies did, in fact tell the president they understood it would have a very big impact, President Applesauce Brain actually admits that while they did understand there would be a big impact, he, himself, did not. He literally told the press he didn’t understand what impact it would have!

But, isn’t that the same story we get from every crisis? Everything he touches? He gets expert advice from people who know more and then does the exact opposite. It’s a variation of Einstein’s definition of insanity. We can call it Bidensanity – the philosophy of doing the opposite of what the experts tell you over and over, expecting positive results. Unfortunately, we are going to be be dealing with this insanity for another two and a half years.

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