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The Alan Sanders Show

Aug 25, 2022

Today’s show opens with a bit of a story. It could be considered a fable, but since we aren’t using animals, it technically does not qualify. But, at it’s core, a fable is meant to impart a moral lesson to the reader. In this case I use the example of walking down the street and we see a destitute person in need of some help. I decide to reach into my wallet and give the person $20. This is called charity. I have willfully decided to part with some of my own property (money) by giving it to another.

Now, if we have the same scenario, with the same destitute person and you take my wallet out of my pocket and had the person my $20 bill, well, that’s called theft. The end result may look the same, but the process is where the difference lies. When I do not get a say in what happens to my own property (wealth), then it is called theft.

Joe Biden’s college debt forgiveness plan is outright theft. It is punishing those who succeeded or overcame obstacles in favor of rewarding those who made bad decisions and want to absolve themselves of any responsibility. Considering the Left always seems to want to talk about “fairness,” this move is the farthest from it. Are we going to refund the small business loans people took out to invest in their companies rather than incur tuition debt by investing in a piece of paper? What about those who chose to work and pay for school without getting a loan? Should they be asked to shoulder the burden of the unwise?

This move is blatantly unconstitutional because the Executive Branch does not control the budget or the purse strings. Only Congress can do this. Biden knows this, but he also knows Congress doesn’t have time to get it passed before midterms and he’s gotta buy votes to stem the bleeding coming to Democrats. If the midterms return Congress to the GOP, the Biden agenda is all but halted, which explains the rush to cram through as much garbage and spending as they can.

Current Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is the single biggest moron I have ever seen behind the lectern. She is incapable of answering questions or even understanding the question being asked. She offers up nothing more than evasive word-salad and circuitous reasoning, disguised as cogent thought. Even former Press Secretary Jen Psaki knew they only way for Biden to forgive debt would be through Congress.

Financial advocate Carol Roth recently was asked why the endowments for these schools can’t be used to forgive debt? Why put it on the taxpayers? If this is such a great idea, get the universities and colleges to foot the bill. Of course, for Democrats, that’s never the answer. All they want is to avoid the Constitution, institute their radical, socialist/Marxist agenda and fundamentally transform this nation into one where they have all the power and all the wealth and we are left with nothing.

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