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The Alan Sanders Show

Jan 26, 2022

In this episode, I remind everyone about yesterday's topic covering virtue signaling. It makes for a perfect lead-in to today's discussion, where the Biden administration is acting like a petulant child in punishing the state of Florida. Yes, Biden's petulant move to punish Governor Ron DeSantis reveals just how weak and feckless this President is. Florida has not gone along with Federal mandates. They did not impose lockdowns, masks or vaccine passports. They took their own approach and, much to the constant anger of the legacy press, have been much more successful over blue states. Last summer, when data was already starting to show the mRNA vaccines would begin losing potency within 4-6 months and they were not going to stop the spread or infection, Governor DeSantis implemented treatment centers. The key treatment -- monoclonal antibodies. And, since last summer, during the Delta wave, dropped hospitalizations by a significant amount.

So, it only makes sense that the Federal government needed to punish the Governor for his successes. Without a single peer-reviewed study to justify it, Biden's FDA pulled the emergency use authorization for monoclonal antibodies, making it now illegal for anyone to receive that treatment. With all the other problems facing the country and with a potential war brewing over Russia and Ukraine, the Biden administration decided their focus needed to be on removing a proven therapeutic.

The problem with this behavior is already reflected in the polls. In fact, both a recent Zogby and Gallup polls of likely voters continues to show a massive problem for democrats during the mid-terms. And, the polls are showing democrats are already starting to distance themselves from the Administration for fear of going down with the sinking ship.

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