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The Alan Sanders Show

Sep 2, 2022

Well, folks, I called it on yesterday’s show. President Joe Biden’s campaign speech was dark, depressing, foreboding and angry. Whomever on his team thought dark red lighting against stark brick walls and harsh shadows and silhouettes was going to be positive and uplifting must have flunked out of film school. The optics were every bit as dark and ominous as was the content of the speech.

If the President thought he was going to unite the country, well, chalk that up as a failure, too. He immediately went on the attack of anyone and everyone who voted for or supported Donald Trump, but then said he wasn’t against “all” Republicans, just the MAGA ones. I guess the Liz Cheney’s and Adam Kinzinger’s of the world are okay since they want to be Democrats at heart. But, those who want to limit the size of government, believe in state’s rights and in following the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, well, that’s just too extreme in Joe Biden’s America.

He evoked the term MAGA 13 times, using it as a put-down, a profanity and a sneer. Think about what that acronym stands for – Make America Great Again. According to Biden, a belief in making America “great” is too extreme. He claimed the economy was strong and vibrant and better than any other nation’s in the world. Ummm...we are in a recession (notwithstanding their attempts to redefine the term) and we are at 41+ year highs for inflation. But, in the Biden world, this means we are strong and robust.

Then, after spending half the speech waging war against half the country, he literally said, “I am asking you to come together, regardless of ideology.” What!? You just spent the entire time mocking, deriding and castigating 74 million Americans and now you say their ideology doesn’t matter to you? Then why are you even addressing the nation? Why are you railing against half the country?

He wanted to sell the notion that Democrats support the rule of law. So, as a reminder, I play a short montage of Democrats who have said the exact opposite over the past two years. No one in the GOP is running on a “defund the police” message. And then he claimed the right is calling for violence! Oh? Who would those people be? I haven’t see anyone. The ones who routinely call for or perpetrate violence are Leftists zealots like Antifa and BLM.

The basic message of the night was to either do what he says to do or you are an enemy of the state if you choose to do otherwise. It was dark, divisive and ominous and never once addressed the real issues plaguing the nation. So, my advice to the GOP is to run nonstop messaging on the very issues Biden refused to even acknowledge. Talk about all of the failed domestic and foreign policies. Talk about Afghanistan, the economy, fentanyl and our open border. Talk about the shrinking GDP, the high inflation and the direction he has taken our nation in his first two years in office. Don’t worry about Trump or about Mar-a-Lago. Focus on the topics he refused to address because he knows they have no answers for them. He telegraphed that as strongly as he did his disgust for anyone who believes in making America great.

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