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The Alan Sanders Show

Jul 26, 2022

Today we continue looking at the White House’s desperate scramble to redefine what makes for a recession. Before I get to that, I was a little tickled to see how my snarky comments last Friday about the J6 Committee season one finale coming to an end turned into a massive talking point for the mainstream media. However, they saw it as a positive! Season one may be over, but season two is coming! Let’s all cheer for the latest “hit” for reality TV! It’s actually quite sad, but also quite telling. As I’ve said since the beginning, the J6 Committee is not interested in the whole truth, just in shaping a narrative.

From there I open with a Zoom session with President Joe Biden how says, “We’re not gonna be in a recession.” I guess as long as you get to make up new definitions, we might as well say that Thursday’s economic report means it’s going to be ice cream cone day, and who doesn’t like ice cream? How can we be in a recession if it’s ice cream cone day??

Then we head to Karine Jean-Pierre (our gay, black, female, immigrant making her eminently qualified to be Press Secretary) who stumbles and stammers her way through what constitutes a recession. As she battles through her pretzel logic and leaps in economic stupidity, I explain how they are conflating subjects and purposely trying to spin a positive scenario.

In fact, I have a montage of the same legacy media defining what a recession is, only it was just about four years ago during the Donald Trump presidency. It’s amazing the mass amnesia that has taken place since the election of Joe Biden.

When pressed, Karine Jean-Pierre was unwilling to provide us with how they want to define “recession.” Just like with everything else, this President and his White House refuse to take any responsibility for any of their policies. They want to pass the buck or look to blame others.

But, we close on some happier news. CNBC ran a story over the weekend about the top 7 U.S. cities homebuyers are seeking to leave. Seems blue-run bastions of liberalism are seeing it’s citizens fleeing to red states and red cities. Those cities, are San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Washington, D.C., Seattle, Boston and Detroit. My only request is for those people to remember why they left and not to import the same liberal thinking that led them to escape in the first place.

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