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The Alan Sanders Show

Jan 20, 2022

In this episode, I conclude the Biden press conference was an epic fail. The analysis begins with the first question asked by a pre-selected reporter. Did this administration over-promise on their agenda? Incredulously, with all of the horrible news hitting the Administration, President Biden says he over-performed what anyone thought he would do. It's amazing the self-delusion that was on display for the world to see.

I use several of his answers to point out what an addled and ineffectual President we have. Perhaps the most dangerous example over the course of his Q&A was about a possible Russian incursion into Ukraine. After hemming and hawing, he uttered the words, "It's one thing if it's a minor incursion..." How does the leader of the free world give what is basically the green-light to Russia for a "minor" incursion? Even the president of Ukraine fired off a tweet saying no incursion is "minor."

Ultimately, this Administration continues to show it is completely devoid of anyone in touch with reality. If Joe Biden believes he has done more in his first year than any other American president, we are already in trouble. The only way that metric is correct is if his measurement is not on putting America first, but rather destroying it. If that really is his goal, then he is right, he has done more in one year than any other President in my lifetime to achieve that aim.

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