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The Alan Sanders Show

Mar 29, 2022

In today’s episode, we have to come to terms with the fact President Biden is not fit to be the Commander-in-Chief. After being caught on three huge foreign policy gaffes over the last few days, which we discussed in detail yesterday, Biden spent a Monday presser saying none of those gaffes ever happened. He is literally making up history and lying about his words in front of the entire world.

What’s worse, even when he was trying to address what he believes he said, versus what he actually said, he decides to double-down on his desire to have President Putin removed from office! This guy went to the podium with a cheat-sheet in hand to help he specifically say our policy for regime change has not altered, yet, he still ends up saying Putin needs to be removed from office.

As much as it pains me to imagine Kamala Harris as the President, can we keep risking these major gaffes, which threaten the security of the United States and free-world? Everything he has done during his trip to Europe has shown weakness and ineptness and, at the same time, giving Russia the boost it needs for both propaganda and resolve. For the President to think his “off the cuff” comments should not be taken literally, shows he is unfit for office.

The only other answer is to return him to the very basement where he ran his bid to become president. Do not let him out. Control his conversations. He is a danger to himself and to others when left to go unchecked and off-script.

As a patriotic American, it pains me to see this happening and the recognized the need to invoke the 25th Amendment. We all knew better, but enough were convinced it was better to bet on senile than to bet on a mean-tweeter. It’s undeniable to see the damage wrought on this country in just 15 months now, by letting the most rabid and radical elements of Marxist ideology drive our domestic and foreign policies. It has to be curtailed now, before Joe Biden really makes that one gaffe we won’t be able to walk-back.

By, then, it will be too late.

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