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The Alan Sanders Show

May 8, 2023

Today’s episode opens a subject I prefer to wait discussing and that is the mass-shooting in the Texas mall. The narrative changes so much and the Legacy/mainstream media is so desirous to paint a narrative that supports their gun grabbing, freedom infringing desires to eliminate the 2nd Amendment. So, I need to point out the hypocrisy of how some coverage just magically disappears while other stories get embellished and shared.

My next story deals with a new allegation brought forth on the Biden Crime Family of evidence of bribery. According to Bud Cummins, he said he notified the DOJ in 2018 over the bribery, but nothing was done. The bribe centers around the removal of a prosecutor looking into Ukrainian energy corruption. Does this scenario sound familiar? Remember Biden bragging about withholding a billion dollars in aid unless said prosecutor was fired?

This leads to the ongoing investigation by Rep. James Comer (R-KY) into the money peddling schemes they have detailing. He spoke Sunday and urged the DOJ not to file charges against Hunter Biden until they had a chance to issue their findings this coming Wednesday. I cannot wait to see how the Democrats try to shift the narrative and whether it gets any substantial media coverage.

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) said the ODNI just created yet another Ministry of Truth. It seems a law passed in September of last year gave the Director of National Intelligence, Avril Haines, the ability to try yet another censorship program, designed to have all of the other small ones roll up under it.

Remember a few weeks back when the White House said they would send 1500 troops to the border for when Title 42 runs out on May 11, 2023? I said at that moment the troops would serve to make it easier for the invasion of illegals to get across the border. Well, President Biden all but confirmed that in an interview on MSNBC, saying they were not going to enforce the law. Sheriff Lamb who is on the border and running for Senate, put out a video confirming that very notion. Yet, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas can’t figure out why there would be hundreds of thousands of migrants surging toward our border. He still wants us to believe it’s closed. Even Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ) said the Biden administration has had two years to plan for this and hasn’t done a thing.

Speaking of Arizona, corrupt election official Bill Gates from Maricopa County wants us to feel sorry for him over his PTSD. According to Gates, dealing with all of the election denialism is the same as what WWII veterans experienced when fighting for freedom. What a disgusting attempt to make the two seem even remotely equivalent.

Finally, in the You Can’t Make This Up file, ousted mayor of Chicago, Lori “Leftist” Lightfoot wants you to believe she lost thanks to “right wing forces that wanted to take down a big-city mayor.” The radical Leftist, who lost to an even more radical socialist/Marxist, is blaming her loss on the right. It’s astonishing the lengths these folks go to in order to let their magical-thinking convince them that their fantasies are reality.

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