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The Alan Sanders Show

May 27, 2022

In today’s episode, I am able to get into more details of the mass-shooting that took place at Robb Elementary in Texas. This is why I always prefer to wait a few days before diving into details, because I know it takes a few days before we start to get a clearer picture. Today I want to talk about a hero, an idiot, a villain and an empty chest.


When an off-duty Border Patrol agent was sitting down to get a haircut, he got a text message from his wife, a teacher at Robb Elementery. The message simply said, “There’s an active shooter. Help. I love you.” He didn’t pause or hesitate. The barber had a shotgun for security and Jacob Albarado asked if he could take it to go rescue his wife and daughter. Within minutes he was pulling up to the school. He reached out to officers and moments later was making entry into a separate wing of the school from where the killer was. He, along with four other officers, began searching and evacuating kids and teachers. He found his daughter and his wife, but didn’t stop the mission. He continued helping to rescue classroom after classroom.


Joy Reid opened her MSNBC show with an insulting and demeaning comment, saying, “Republicans are just tying themselves into pretzels to point themselves at every single thing but the problem, the gun.” She went on to mock the idea of increasing safety and security at schools, posting armed officers on campus and the need for mental health services. She honestly believes the only solution is to confiscate every gun in the country.


One day after the shooting, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) pushed for the Luke and Alex School Safety Act to be passed via unanimous consent. The legislation (named after two victims of the 2018 Parkland shootings in Florida) would require the Department of Homeland Security to establish a website, providing best practices for school safety and security. The site would provide parents, school officials and law enforcement with tips for improving their schools’ security as well as information on available grant programs and federal resources. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) blocked it. He gleefully tweeted, “GOP Sen. Johnson just tried for a bill that could see more guns in schools – I blocked it.” As I said yesterday, the Left is not interested in solutions, only election-year talking points.


The writer C.S. Lews wrote, in The Abolition of Man, “We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.” Why am I quoting this? Because we have been watching the intentional and wide-spread emasculation of men for the better part of two decades. We are told masculine traits of courage, facing danger, standing tall, doing the right thing and being a protector are toxic ideas and need to be shunned. When armed police sit outside of Robb Elementary for upwards of an hour, while the shooter is left inside to slaughter at-will, we have a problem. The same culture war that leaves our young men rudderless, with no moral compass or sense of self, are the ones telling men not to run toward the gunshots (or the fire, or the screams or the disaster). It’s a sad state to find law enforcement at Robb Elementary more focused on crowd control and arresting hysterical parents, than to do all they could to confront the active-shooter as fast as humanly possible.

We are going to still learn more in the coming days and weeks, but the idea of gun confiscation being the one-size-fits all panacea is sophomoric and laughable. Real solutions are being implemented, while Democrats fight to stop them. They don’t want a solution because it takes away a talking point they want to use in perpetuity.

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